Les Brasseurs du Nord – Boréale

The first beer I stumbled across in Montreal that wasn’t a lager or a stout was Boréale Rousse, thanks to a generous offer of six bottles for some reasonable price at a bar called Baloo’s in 2008.  I don’t think that the bar is still there, or at least it no longer exists as Baloo’s, however my liking of Boréale beers has persisted.  In fact, Rousse was one of the first beers I tasted this year.  Check out their website here.

Maybe it helps that I like beers.  In any case their beers are all decent and a write up will follow at some point.

Rousse – 6/11

Blanche – 5/11

Scotch Ale – 5/11

Dorée – 5/11

Noire – 6/11

500 different beers in one year – if you spot a typo, do a shot!

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