The ratings explained

The ratings explained

I am by no means a connoisseur of beer, nor do I wish to be.  However, when I started trying the ‘drink different beers’ challenge I naturally started to give them each a rating while noting down their names and the place I bought them.

I cannot remember why I went for a mark out of ten at first.  I started quite strong, which unfortunately means that the early days are somewhat of a blur and some of the writing illegible.  I think I made the right choice though,  a mark out of five seems simple and anything higher than ten too complicated. 

As taste is very much down to the individual, and as I am useless at describing flavours the rating system has now been turned into a series of questions, and these go up to eleven. 

Was it good?
Was the taste interesting or at least different?
Was the name or description accurate?
Was it worth the price?
Would I drink it again?
Would I recommend it to a friend?
Would I walk an extra block or ten for it?
Would I go out in a snowstorm or a heatwave for it?
Would I fight a bear for it?*
Would I fight a bear in a snowstorm for it?
Would I fight a bear in a snowstorm a few blocks out of my way for it?

Each Yes is worth one mark and each No is worth nothing.

*A big one, like a grizzly bear – the photo is an old one, Toronto April 2008, and the bear was not hurt.

@CN Tower - Bear

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