Glass half empty or half full? Nos. 97 – 99

Glass half empty or half full?

It’s an age-old question. Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s optimism against pessimism. It’s looking forwards against looking back.

2017-03-28 - 97 - La Bonne Aventure Pit Caribou half full _500beers

To me, it’s a bloody generic pint glass with no branding on it whatsoever.

I try beers in one of two situations, either in the comfort of my apartment where I can take photographs all I want, or in bars, where it’s a lottery for two reasons. The first is the pouring – you can get a badly poured pint that is either all head or completely flat.  The second is the glass – you can get a nice glass with the name of the beer on it or even a picture, you can get a blank standard pint glass or worse, you can get a beer in a glass with a different brand’s logo on it.  I’m getting more and more picky about this as the challenge goes on.

Anyway, I had three new beers at Pit Caribou in the Plateau this week.  The place is small but merits a visit.  I will be going back.

No. 97 – La Bonne Aventure Rousse

2017-03-28 - 97 - La Bonne Aventure Pit Caribou _500beers
Continuing my happy hour theme, I chose the cheapest three drinks in the bar (as far as I could see).  Putting my disappointment about getting a generic pint glass aside, I was looking forward to something good from this after having had two of the best beers I’ve tasted so far the night before at McKibbin’s.

This was a little disappointing.  Like the glass, this was a standard red beer with nothing special about it.  It was good, the price was cheap, the description was spot on and I think I’d probably drink it again but I wouldn’t seek it out specially.  That’s about it.  There are other reds which taste exactly like this.                                                                  4/11

No. 98 – La Blonde de l’Anse

2017-03-28 - 98 - La Blonde de l'Anse Pit Caribou 3 _500beers
This blonde ale has something to it.  I’m not sure exactly what but from the first taste, I really liked it.  There’s a sweet aftertaste to it and it’s quite smooth for a blond ale.  I very much recommend trying this one out.  It gets a Yes for being good, a Yes for the price, a Yes for the description, a Yes for having that je ne sais quoi, a Yes for drinking again and a Yes for recommending it.  I’m also giving it a Yes for knowing that I will probably go out of my way to grab a pint or a bottle of this.   Plus the logo is on the glass!                                                                             7/11


No. 99 – La Blanche de Pratto

2017-03-28 - 99 - La Blance de Pratto Pit Caribou 2 _500beers
A really good beer and an ok beer so far, so I didn’t know what to expect from the white beer.  It’s a nice colour and quite bubbly for a white.

Taste-wise, it’s fine, a decent white beer which may have been helped by a slice of orange.  This gets the standard Yes for being good (so far only two beers have failed on this one and there were circumstances for that), and also two Yeses for the price and description.  Yes, I would say give it a go and Yes I’d probably drink it again, however I would leave it at five yeses as it didn’t have that something special to make it a really good beer.                     5/11


Overall, this was a decent visit – any bar where I find a seven out of eleven must have something to it.  I will definitely be going back to try out a few of their other beers, in particular their stouts.

Happy Hour – Nos. 94 – 96

Happy Hour

I’ve recently started to think about the cost of trying five hundred different beers in a single year – both the physical cost and the effect on my bank balance.  To counter a seemingly ever-expanding beer belly I have gotten back into some good habits, a bit of exercise (10 mile walks with my camera at 4am and yoga) and less ordering out for dinner for example.  With regards the price of drinking all these beers and generally being sociable, I’ve more recently started to look for cheaper options.  In Montreal this is easy enough to do as there are so many microbreweries with reasonable prices.  This week, however, I have rediscovered the joys of the happy hour after having tried three different beers on two occasions with change from a twenty.  The first of those was at McKibbin’s on St. Laurent, again for their pub quiz…

No. 94 – Cheval Blanc Blanche – Les Brasseurs RJ

2017-03-27 - 94 - Cheval Blanc McKibbin's St. Laurent _500beers
A white horse goes into a bar and orders a drink.
The barman says “hey we’ve got a beer named after you!”
The horse replies, “What, Eric?”

Anyway, this beer is hard to miss around Montreal but this is the first time I’ve had it in a long long time.  I’ve had a few white beers recently that haven’t been great, so I had high hopes for this.  And it was good, very good in fact.  It was fruity, refreshing and very easy to drink.  I’ve tasted some whites that tasted chemically for want of a better description but this tasted natural, like my favourite lagers almost.  So it’s a Yes for being good, a Yes for the description and definitely a Yes for the price ($5 on happy hour).  Two Yeses for the fact that I will drink it again and that I would recommend it.  I’m also giving it a Yes for the tasting somewhat unique among the white beers I’ve had so far.  I would also definitely go a block or two out of my way for a pint, particularly on a sunny day so that’s another Yes.  I may revisit this beer to see if it merits another yes at some point in the future but for now it’s getting seven yeses.                                                                                       7/11

No. 95 – St Ambroise Scotch Ale

2017-03-27 - 95 - St Ambroise Scotch Ale McKibbin's St Laurent _500beers
So far I’ve tried St Ambroise Cream Ale and IPA and these were both pretty good – some feat considering in particular that I don’t like IPAs.

When I tasted this I was shocked.  Maybe I got lucky with a decent pint well poured or maybe it was still the taste of Cheval Blanc lingering but this was amazing.  This is a smooth, perfectly balanced, velvety scotch ale, which immediately got the highest mark I’ve awarded so far.  Cutting to the chase it gets  nine Yeses.  It is good, I will drink it again (possibly a lot).  I would recommend it.  The taste was something special and it to me is how a scotch ale should taste.  Pricewise, on happy hour it was only $5, which is a bargain.  I would and will go out of my way to buy it, I’d go out in a snowstorm and if circumstances forced my hand, I’d fight a bear for it.  It was really good.   9/11

No. 96 – McAuslan Blonde

2017-03-27 - 96 - McAusland Blonde McKibbin's St Laurent _500beers
According to the beer menu this is McAuslan Blonde, but I’m not sure if it’s actually Griffin or St Ambroise.  I’ll investigate this more and some other point and maybe revisit this post.

It is a pretty decent blonde beer, nothing special but it does exactly what it needs to.  It’s getting the standard five out of eleven.  One for being good, a second for the price (happy hour again), a third for the accurate description*, a forth as I would drink it again. and a final generous yes as I would recommend it for anybody looking for a neutral beer to sip at.   5/11

*A yes for the description being accurate is hardly difficult when the description is simply blonde, but it’s in the rating system, and I’m too lazy to rethink it.

So that was a pretty successful night, not in the pub quiz – we lost again – but for having three beers, two of which are among the best I’ve tried so far.

The list – 505 beers tasted in 2017

The List

This is simply a count of the beers that I have tried so far this year, most of which I still have to write up and retaste just to be sure.  Extra information to be added as I find it…

  1. Bass (Ye Olde Orchard – Monkland) – 5/11
  2. Boréale Rousse (Typhoon) – 6/11
  3. Smithwicks (The Irish Embassy)
  4. Kronenbourg 1664 (McKibbin’s Bishop) – 7/11
  5. Kronenbourg Blanc (McKibbin’s Bishop) – 5/11
  6. Heineken (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  7. Harp (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  8. Krombacher Weisse (Das Bier)
  9. Erdinger Dunkel (Das Bier)
  10. Krombacher Pilsner (Das Bier)
  11. Archibald Matante – (Das Bier)
  12. Unibroue Blanche de Chambly – (Home)
  13. Stella Artois (The Irish Embassy)
  14. Hop House 13 (The Irish Embassy)
  15. Shock Top (The Irish Embassy)
  16. Guinness (Dublin Airport) – 8/11
  17. Brutopia Scotch Ale (Brutopia) – 6/11
  18. Mill St. Brewery Betelgueuse (Ye Olde Orchard Monkland)
  19. Archibald Joufflue (The Irish Embassy)
  20. Newcastle Brown Ale (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  21. Murphy’s Stout (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  22. Rickard’s Red (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  23. Unibroue Ephemere Apple (Home)
  24. Kilkenny (The Irish Embassy)
  25. Mill St. Brewery Organic (The Irish Embassy)
  26. Fanelli (The Irish Embassy)
  27. St. Ambroise Cream Ale (The Irish Embassy)
  28. Alexander Keith’s Red (The Irish Embassy)
  29. Goose Island Honker’s Ale (Das Bier)
  30. Farnham IPA (Fiddler’s Green)
  31. Hoegarten (Fiddler’s Green)
  32. Alexander Keith’s IPA (Fiddler’s Green)
  33. Brasseurs RJ Titanic (Home)
  34. Brasseurs RJ Chevel Blanc Double Blanc – (Home) – 2/11
  35. Molson Canadian (The Forum Sports Bar) – 2/11
  36. Molson Ex (The Forum Sports Bar) – 2/11
  37. Coors Light (The Forum Sports Bar) – 2/11
  38. Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale (La Belle et le Boeuf) – 5/11
  39. Farnham Brown Ale (Fiddler’s Green) – 3/11
  40. ESB (Pub Brewsky)
  41. Ippon (Pub Brewsky)
  42. Monocle (Pub Brewsky)
  43. Redical (Pub Brewsky)
  44. Lot 9 Pilsner (Pub St. Paul)
  45. Duchesse de Bourgogne (Home)
  46. Boddington’s (The Irish Embassy)
  47. Bud Light (The Irish Embassy) – 3/11
  48. Declan’s PPA (BBQ)*
  49. Goose Island IPA (The Irish Embassy)
  50. Labatt’s 50 (The Irish Embassy) – 3.5/11
  51. St. Ambroise IPA (The Irish Embassy)
  52. Beau’s Triceratops Tripel (Ye Olde Orchard Monkland)
  53. Bières Nouvelle France La Messagère au Millet (Home) – 6/11
  54. Lou Lou Porter (Yisst)
  55. Ahorn (Yisst)
  56. La Funk et le Furie (Yisst)
  57. Beur’slack (Yisst)
  58. Garantie Prolongée (Yisst)
  59. Beau’s Ironshirt (Ye Olde Orchard de la Montagne)
  60. Declan’s Stout (BBQ)*
  61. Pretty Bastard (Pub West Shefford)
  62. L’Autre Sorte (Pub West Shefford)
  63. Brassée de Blanc (Pub West Shefford)
  64. L’Euphorique (Home)
  65. Noire à L’Avoine (Le Réservoir)
  66. Le Réservoir Brown Ale (Le Réservoir)
  67. Saison Ambrée (Le Réservoir)
  68. Le Réservoir Weizen (Le Réservoir)
  69. L’Eau Clair (Home)
  70. L’Elfre Brune (Home)
  71. Moosehead Blond (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  72. Grimbergen Red (McKibbin’s Bishop)
  73. Lac Saint Jean Blond (Chalet Weekend)
  74. Declan’s Cerveza (Chalet Weekend)
  75. Declan’s Summer Ale (Chalet Weekend)
  76. Declan’s IPA (Chadlet Weekend)
  77. Lowenbrau (BBQ)* – 3/11
  78. L’Elfe Noire (Chalet Weekend)
  79. Floreale (Chalet Weekend)
  80. Mr Brown (Chalet Weekend)
  81. Candide (Chalet Weekend)
  82. Fana (Chalet Weekend)
  83. Flacatoune (Chalet Weekend)
  84. Belle Gueule Rousse (Chalet Weekend)
  85. Belle Gueule Lager d’Hiver (Chalet Weekend)
  86. Belle Gueule Houblon (Chalet Weekend)
  87. Brutopia Blanche aux Frambroises (Brutopia) – 6/11
  88. Boréale Blanche (Home)
  89. Krombacher Dark (Das Bier)
  90. Paulaner Weissbier (Das Bier)
  91. Warsteiner (Das Bier)
  92. Boréale Scotch Ale (Das Bier)
  93. Brutopia Extra Blonde (Brutopia) – 5/11
  94. Cheval Blanc Blanche (McKibbin’s St. Laurent) – 7/11
  95. St. Ambroise Scotch Ale (McKibbin’s St. Laurent) – 9/11
  96. McAuslan Blonde (McKibbin’s St. Laurent) – 5/11
  97. La Bonne Aventure, rousse (Pit Caribou) – 4/11
  98. La Blonde de l’Anse (Pit Caribou) – 7/11
  99. La Blanche de Pratto (Pit Caribou) – 5/11
  100. Trefle Noir Stout (Home) – 8/11
  101. Corona (Fiddler’s)
  102. Creemore Springs Premium Lager (McKibbin’s)
  103. Samual Adams Boston Lager (McKibbin’s)
  104. Sleeman’s Cream Ale (Home) – 5/11
  105. Sleeman’s Silver Creek Lager (Home) – 5/11
  106. Sleeman’s Fine Porter (Home) – 6/11
  107. Sleeman’s Railside Session Ale (Home) – 4/11
  108. Beau’s Tyrannosaurus Gruit  (House party)
  109. Sleeman’s Seasonal Ale (Home) – 5/11
  110. Sleeman’s IPA (Home) – 4/11
  111. Mill Street Tankhouse Ale (Home)
  112. Beau’s Lug-Tread (Ye Olde  Orchard de la Montagne)
  113. Mill Street Cobblestone Ale (Home)
  114. Belle Gueule Dunkelweisse (Home)
  115. Belle Gueule Hefeweizen (Home)
  116. Belle Gueule Weizen Bock (Home)
  117. Dieu du Ciel! Disco Soleil (Camping) – 6/11
  118. Archibald Veuve Noire (Archibald Microbrasserie)
  119. Archibald Tite Kriss  (Archibald Microbrasserie)
  120. Rolling Rock (Ye Olde Orchard de la Montagne) – 2/11
  121. Ye Olde Orchard Creamery Ale (Ye Olde Orchard de la Montagne)
  122. Archibald Ci-Boire (Sherbrooke) – 5/11
  123. Archibald Belle Mer (Sherbrooke) – 4/11
  124. Le Trefle Noir Chronique (Sherbrooke) – 6/11
  125. Archibald Nuit Blanche (Home) – 6/11
  126. Dieu du Ciel! Dernière Volonté (Home) – 5/11
  127. Birra Anne – Rousse de seigle (Birra) – 6/11
  128. Birra Eve – Dunkelweissen (Birra) – 5/11
  129. Saint Luke Lager (Birra) – 4/11
  130. Microbrasserie du Lac St. Jean Rang 4 Stout (Birra) – 6/11
  131. Brasseurs du Nord Boréale Dorée (Home)
  132. Brasseurs du Nord La Métropole (Home)
  133. St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (Home)
  134. St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout (Home)
  135. Le Trefle Noir O’Born Evil (Home) – 10/11
  136. Brasseurs RJ Lochness (Home)
  137. Brasseurs RJ Canon (Home)
  138. Brasseurs RJ Death Valley (Home)
  139. Cheval Blanc Noire à l’Avoine (Cheval Blanc)
  140. Cheval Blanc Cream Ale (Cheval Blanc)
  141. Cheval Blanc Ambrée (Cheval Blanc)
  142. Cheval Blanc Blanche (Cheval Blanc)
  143. Le Trefle Noir Quadriporter (Home) – 7/11
  144. St Ambroise Red (Home)
  145. St. Ambroise Black IPA (Home)
  146. Le BockAle L’Idyllique (Home)
  147. Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent (Home) – 8/11
  148. Boyne Brewhouse Long Arm Lager (Home – Antrim)
  149. Sharp’s Wolf Rock (Home – Antrim)
  150. Heverlee (The Back Shed – Antrim) – 1.5/11
  151. Roundstone Irish Ale (The Back Shed – Antrim) – 2/11
  152. Farmageddon Porter (The Back Shed – Antrim) – 5/11
  153. Whitewater Brewery Belfast Black (McHugh’s – Belfast) – 8/11
  154. Clonmel 1650 (McHugh’s – Belfast) – 2/11
  155. Stella 4 (McHugh’s – Belfast) – 5/11
  156. Smithwick’s Blonde Ale (The Cloth Ear – Belfast) – 6/11
  157. Smithwick’s Pale Ale (The Cloth Ear – Belfast) – 5/11
  158. Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA (Harp Bar – Belfast) – 7/11
  159. London Pride (Home – Antrim)
  160. Farmageddon California Common (The Back Shed – Antrim) – 2/11
  161. Tennent’s Ice Cold (The Top of the Town – Antrim) – 3/11
  162. Whitechapel Porter (Home – Antrim)
  163. Whitewater Brewing Co. Bee’s Endeavour (Home – Antrim)
  164. Brutopia Honey Brown (Brutopia) – 6/11
  165. Korova Milk Stout (Brutopia) – 6/11
  166. Brutopia Honey Beer (Brutopia) – 6/11
  167. Rickard’s White (BBQ) – 4/11
  168. Rickard’s Blonde Ale (BBQ) – 5/11
  169. Declan’s Mango Pale Ale (BBQ)
  170. Le Trefle Noir Aigle Noir (BBQ) – 6/11
  171. Unibroue Fin du Monde (BBQ)
  172. Unibroue Coup de Grisou (BBQ)
  173. Dieu du Ciel! Blanche Van Plateau (Dieu du Ciel) – 4/11
  174. Dieu du Ciel! Gospel (Dieu du Ciel) – 6/11
  175. Brasseurs du Nord Boréale Noire (Home)
  176. Dieu du Ciel! Gaélique (Vices et Versa) – 8/11
  177. Brasserie Dunham Berliner Mango Weisse (Vices et Versa) – 2.5/11
  178. Le Trou du Diable Maiden Shawi (Vices et Versa) – 6/11
  179. Les 3 Mousquetaires Blonde Helles (Vices et Versa) – 4/11
  180. Microbrasserie Charlevoix Kläss (Vices et Versa) – 6.5/11
  181. Pit Caribou La Gaspésienne Porter (Vices et Versa) – 7/11
  182. Unibroue A tout le monde (Home)
  183. Sapporo Premium Beer (Home) – 5/11
  184. Le Bilboquet’s La Charleston (Home) – 6/11
  185. St. Ambroise Pale (Pic-nic) – 5/11
  186. Archibald Coquine (Pic-nic) – 5/11
  187. St. Ambroise Double IPA (Pic-nic) – 4/11
  188. St. Ambroise Session IPA (Pic-nic) – 5/11
  189. Les Brasseurs RJ Barbar (Home) – 6/11
  190. Les Brasseurs RJ Robe Noire (Home) – 9/11
  191. Mill St. Brewery’s Oktoberfest Style (Home) – 5/11
  192. Mill St. Brewery’s Nightmare Pumpkin Ale (Home) – 5/11
  193. Mill St. Brewery’s Tankenstein IPA (Home) – 5.5/11
  194. Beck’s Lager (Home) – 5/11
  195. Saint Bock Sweet Jesus (Montreal Beer Festival) – 8/11
  196. Les Brasseurs du Bois Blanc La Dark Soul (Montreal Beer Festival) – 7/11
  197. La Barbarie Rousse Anglaise (Montreal Beer Festival) 2/11
  198. St. Ambroise Pamplemousse IPA (Montreal Beer Festival) – 3/11
  199. Mill St. Brewery Madawaska Maple (Montreal Beer Festival) – 2/11
  200. Brasseurs Illimités Noire Truculente (Montreal Beer Festival) – 9/11
  201. Unibroue Ephemere Elderberry (Home) – 4/11
  202. Unibroue Blonde de Chambly (Home) – 5/11
  203. Trois Brasseurs Brown Ale (Trois Brasseurs) – 7/11
  204. Le Bilboquet Nelligan (St Houblon) – 6/11
  205. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Double Mango IPA (St Houblon) – 5/11
  206. Archibald Chipie (Home) – 5/11
  207. Brasseurs du Monde Nectareüs Honey Brown Ale (Home) – 6/11
  208. Dieu du Ciel! Rosée d’Hibiscus (Home) – 7/11
  209. Dieu du Ciel! Aphrodisiaque (Home) – 8/11
  210. Dieu du Ciel! Moralité (Home) – 7/11
  211. L’Hérmite Smash IPA Africaine (Yïsst) – 5/11
  212. Le Trefle Noir Elle et Louis (Yïsst) – 6/11
  213. Dieu du Ciel! Blanche du Paradis (Home) – 7/11
  214. Brasseurs du Monde L’Écurieux (Home) – 7/11
  215. Dieu du Ciel! Équinoxe du Printemps (Home) – 10/11
  216. Brasserie Harricana Cream Ale (Brasserie Harricana) – 2.5/11
  217. Brasserie Harricana Best Bitter (Brasserie Harricana) – 4/11
  218. Brasserie Harricana Pale Ale (Brasserie Harricana) – 4/11
  219. Dieu du Ciel! Pénombre (Home) – 6/11
  220. Le Trefle Noir California (Home) – 8/11
  221. Archibald La Valkyrie (Party) – 4/11
  222. Madjack Extra Strong Apple Lager (Party) – 3/11
  223. Madjack Apple Lager (Party) – 3/11
  224. Dieu du Ciel! Ultra Mosaika (Party) – 5/11
  225. Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d’Hiver (Party) – 8/11
  226. Unibroue Don de Dieu (Party) – 5/11
  227. Archibald Désirée (Ye Olde Orchard downtown)
  228. Ye Olde Orchard Keller (Ye Olde Orchard downtown)
  229. Ye Olde Orchard Lager (Ye Olde Orchard downtown)
  230. Dieu du Ciel! Saison du Parc (Home) – 4/11
  231. Dieu du Ciel! Sentinelle (Home) – 5/11
  232. Dieu du Ciel! P’tit Blanc (Home) – 6/11
  233. Archibald La Brise du Lac (Home) – 5/11
  234. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Session Mango (Laval Beer Festival) – 5.5/11
  235. Le Trefle Noir L’Été des Indiens (Laval Beer Festival) – 7/11
  236. Saint Bock Réincarnation (Laval Beer Festival) – 4.5/11
  237. Microbrasserie Charlevoix Hibernus (Laval Beer Festival) – 5/11
  238. Brasserie Dunham Le Quench du Soif (Laval Beer Festival) – 6/11
  239. Brou Pub Brouhaha Coup de Soleil (Laval Beer Festival) – 4/11
  240. Lagabière La St Jean (Laval Beer Festival) – 4/11
  241. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Imperial Cherry Stout (Laval Beer Festival) – 9/11
  242. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Mastoc Porter (Laval Beer Festival) – 8/11
  243. Les 2 Frères Baltic Porter (Laval Beer Festival) – 7/11
  244. Le Trefle Noir La Gosebuster (Laval Beer Festival) – 3/11
  245. Le Trefle Noir Le Chernoe Pivo (Laval Beer Festival) – 9/11
  246. Brasseurs de Montreal La Québécoise Rebelle (Party) – 5/11
  247. Modello (Home) – 6/11
  248. Brasseurs de Montreal La Montréalaise Griffintown (Home) – 6/11
  249. Brasseurs de Montreal L’Orientale Chi (Home) – 7/11
  250. Le Bilboquet La Corriveau (Sherbrooke) – 7.5/11
  251. L’Alchimiste Eisbock (Sherbrooke)
  252. Brasseurs de Montreal L’Anglaise London Ruby (Home) – 3/11
  253. Lagabière’s Southshore IPL (Home)
  254. Le Trou du Diable/Dieu du Ciel La Divine Comédie (Home)
  255. Le Trou du Diable Aldred (Home)
  256. Le Bilboquet’s La Champêtre (Home)
  257. Dieu Du Ciel! Péché Mortel (Home) – 7/11
  258. Dieu Du Ciel! Grande Noirceur (Home) – 6/11
  259. Brasseurs du Moulin Smash Beloeil (Brasseurs du Moulin) – 2/11
  260. Brasseurs du Moulin Le Matsi (Brasseurs du Moulin) – 6/11
  261. Brasseurs du Moulin La Douce Caroline (Brasseurs du Moulin) – 4/11
  262. Brasseurs du Moulin La Noire Bassine (Brasseurs du Moulin) – 5/11
  263. Declan’s Exotic Pale Ale (House party)
  264. Les 3 Mousquetaires Hors Séries Gose (Home)
  265. Brasseurs Du Monde Célébrante 375 (Home) – 6/11
  266. Dieu du Ciel! Isseki Nicho (Home) – 6/11
  267. Le Reservoir Cream Ale (Le Reservoir) – 5/11
  268. Le Reservoir Saison Gingembre (Le Reservoir) – 6/11
  269. Le Reservoir Cerise (Le Reservoir) – 4/11
  270. Le Reservoir Vermont 2xIPA (Le Reservoir) – 7/11
  271. Le Reservoir Tripel (Le Reservoir) – 6/11
  272. Le Reservoir Pilsner Americain (Le Reservoir) – 5/11
  273. Griffon Red (Hurley’s)
  274. Griffon Blonde (Hurley’s)
  275. Benelux Le Beat (Benelux, Sherbrooke) – 5/11
  276. Unibroue Raftman (Home)
  277. Le Bilboquet Peau d’Ours (Home)
  278. Microbrasserie Charlevoix Sour French Kiss (Home)
  279. Le Trefle Noir Foublonne (Home) – 7/11
  280. Unibroue Éphémère Poire (Home)
  281. Irish Embassy Oyster Stout (Irish Embassy)
  282. Le Trou du Diable La Saison du Tracteur (Arcade Bar) – 6/11
  283. Le Trou du Diable La Morsure (Arcade Bar) – 5/11
  284. Labatt’s Bleue (Sportstation) – 3/11
  285. Budweiser (Sportstation) – 3/11
  286. La Memphré 1908 (Yïsst)
  287. Le Naufrageur Carrick (Yïsst)
  288. Brasseurs du Monde Porter Robuste Vanille (Home) – 6/11
  289. Le Trou du Diable Albert 3 – Le singe de l’espace (House party)
  290. Rickard’s Dark (House party)
  291. Les Grands Bois Impérial Gros Tigre (Home)
  292. Dieu du Ciel! Brise-vent! (Home) – 7/11
  293. Benelux Troy (Benelux, Wellington) – 6/11
  294. Benelux Prélude (Benelux, Wellington) – 5.5/11
  295. Poker (Home)
  296. Club Colombia (Home)
  297. Le Trou du Diable La Pitoune (Home)
  298. Dieu du Ciel! Corne du Diable (Home) – 6.5/11
  299. Frampton Brasse Russe Imperial Stout (Home)
  300. Lagabière Ordre de Toasts (Home) – 8/11
  301. Brutopia IPA (Brutopia) – 6/11
  302. Brutopia APA (Brutopia) – 5/11
  303. Brutopia Cherry White (Brutopia) – 7/11
  304. Saint Bock Malédiction (Home) – 6/11
  305. Éphémère Bleuet (Home)
  306. Le Trefle Noir Joannès (Home) – 7/11
  307. Microbrasserie Charlevois Saison Nocturne Houblonnée (Home)
  308. Dieu du Ciel Déesse Nocturne (Birra) – 7/11
  309. Birra Camilla (Birra) – 7-11
  310. Birra Dupont et Dupond Dubble (Birra) – 7.5/11
  311. La Succarsale Peach White (Birra) – 7/11
  312. Birra Bob (Birra) – 5/11
  313. Le Bilboquet La Corriveau Imperial Stout (Home)
  314. Le Bilboquet L’Archange (Home)
  315. Les 2 Frères Charles Henri Blanche (Chambly Beer Fest) – 7/11
  316. Le Trefle Noir El Sicimo (Chambly Beer Fest) – 3.5/11
  317. Le Naufrageur Raccoon (Chambly Beer Fest) – 7/11
  318. Benelux Armada (Chambly Beer Fest) – 3/11
  319. Le Trefle Noir/Lagabière/La Memphré Z’aleda (Chambly Beer Fest) – 2/11
  320. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Thorador (Chambly Beer Fest) – 5/11
  321. Les 3 Mousquetaires Dopplebock (Chambly Beer Fest) – 7/11
  322. Dieu du Ciel Immoralité (Chambly Beer Fest) – 5/11
  323. Dieu du Ciel Genèse (Chambly Beer Fest) – 5/11
  324. Brasseurs du Monde Titanium (Chambly Beer Fest) – 9/11
  325. Brasseurs du Monde Clara (Chambly Beer Fest) – 6/11
  326. Les Trois Brasseurs Stout (Les Trois Brasseurs) – 6/11
  327. Les Trois Brasseurs Amber (Les Trois Brasseurs) – 4/11
  328. Les Trois Brasseurs Blonde (Les Trois Brasseurs) – 4/11
  329. Declan’s CSB (House Party)
  330. Brasseurs du Monde Porter Robuste Chipotle (Home) – 3/11
  331. Les Trois Brasseurs Blanche (Les Trois Brasseurs)
  332. Jukebox Mélodie Sauvin (Home) – 7/11
  333. Brasseurs du Monde L’Éxotique (Home)
  334. Brutopia Nut Brown (Brutopia) – 6/11
  335. Krombacher Pilsner NA (Brutopia) – 4/11
  336. Boréale Blonde (Foufounes Électriques)
  337. Boréale IPA du Nord-est (Ste. Elisabeth)
  338. Boréale ISA des Chutes (Ste. Elisabeth)
  339. Amère à Boire Stout Impérial (Amère à Boire)
  340. Goose Island Four Star Pilsner (Home)
  341. Brutopia Oatmeal Stout (Brutopia) – 6.5/11
  342. Brutopia Speculaas Pumpkin Ale (Brutopia) – 7/11
  343. Glutenburg Blonde (Brutopia) – 4/11
  344. Le Bilboquet MacKroken Flower (Home)
  345. Dieu du Ciel! Péché Termopilas (Bar le Vestiaire) – 8/11
  346. Le Trou de Diable Sang d’Encre (Bar le Vestiaire)
  347. L’Alchimiste La Rousse Douce (Bar le Vestiaire)
  348. Lagabière L’Apaisante (Home)
  349. Les 2 Frères Charles Henri Amber Ale (Home) – 4.5/11
  350. Brasserie Généale Pitayana (Home)
  351. Les 3 Mousquetaires Wiezenbock (St. Houblon)
  352. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Golding (St. Houblon)
  353. Jukebox New Wave Milkshake IPA (Home) – 7/11
  354. Jukebox Classique (Home) – 4/11
  355. Le Naufrageur Colborne (Home)
  356. Les 2 Frères Charles Henri Blonde Ale (Home) – 6/11
  357. Boldwin Rousse (Oktoberfest – Les Jardinières)
  358. L’Espace Public La Patagonie (L’Espace Public)
  359. Altbier Barbe Rousse (L’Espace Public)
  360. L’Espace Public Bière du Coin (L’Espace Public)
  361. Avant Garde Jet Set Pilsner (L’Espace Public)
  362. Boxing Rock Brewing Co. Tropical Thunder (Downtown)
  363. Mille Iles Rye IPA (St. Houblon)
  364. Le Bilboquet Geminus (St. Houblon)
  365. Mons Regius Aurora (St. Houblon)
  366. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Blonde D’Abbaye (St. Houblon)
  367. Les 3 Mousquetaires DIPA (St. Houblon)
  368. Dieu du Ciel! Voyageur des Brumes (Home) – 6/11
  369. Dieu du Ciel! Hérétique (Home) – 7/11
  370. Bierbrier Bishop’s Special Bitter (Burgundy Lion)
  371. Le Grimoire Desérables (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  372. Coaticook Cleveland Scotch Ale (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  373. Broadway Don Juan (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  374. Microbrasserie du Liève The Sooth (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  375. Goudale En Dansant Stout Impérial (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  376. Brasseurs de Montebello Kenauk Ale (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  377. Les 3 Mousquetaires Sticke Alt (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  378. Bierbrier Joe Beef Special Pils (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  379. Broadway Tchucké Noire (Atwater Market Oktoberfest)
  380. Brasseurs du Nord Boréale Double Blanche du Lac (La Drinkerie)
  381. Amère à Boire Le Sextant (Amère à Boire)
  382. Dieu du Ciel! Petit Détour (Home) – 7/11
  383. Dieu du Ciel! Tamarindo (Home) – 6.5/11
  384. Brasseurs du Monde Le Seigneur Noir (Home)
  385. Wychwood Brewery King Goblin Special Reserve (Home)
  386. Liquid Hero Brewery American Hero (House Party)
  387. Les Grands Bois Brown Ale Americain (House Party)
  388. Décâlisse All Grain Cerveza (House Party)
  389. Dieu du Ciel! Route des Épices (House Party) – 5.5/11
  390. Brasseurs du Montréal Ghosttown (House Party)
  391. Dieu du Ciel! Solstice d’Été (House Party) – 5/11
  392. St. Ambroise Citrouille (Home) – 7/11
  393. Le Naufrageur La Penelope (Home)
  394. Brasseurs du Monde Seiglerie Bitter (Home)
  395. Belgh Brasse Mons Dubbel (Home)
  396. L’Achimiste Bock de Joliette (Home)
  397. Brasseurs du Nord Boréale IPA (House Party)
  398. Les 2 Frères Hickson Imperial IPA (House Party) – 7.5/11
  399. Dieu du Ciel! Rigor Mortis (House Party) – 7/11
  400. Les Bières Béluga’s Scotch Ale à l’Érable (House Party)
  401. Goose Island Endless IPA (Home)
  402. La Succarsale La Promenade (La Succarsale)
  403. Robinson’s Brewery Trooper (Home)
  404. Farnham 35 Bitter (The Irish Embassy)
  405. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Cascade (Café Lézard)
  406. Le Naufrageur Swordfish (Chez Sophie)
  407. Orval (Home) – 6/11
  408. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (Home) – 5/11
  409. EtOh’s Robust Brown Ale (EtOh) – 6/11
  410. EtOh’s Ale Rousse Fumé (EtOh) – 6/11
  411. À l’Abri de la Tempête Bot’A Ouelle À l’Abri de la Tempête Bot’A Ouelle (Home) – 8/11
  412. Le Bilboquet Saint Barnabé Sud (Home) – 8/11
  413. Brasseurs du Nord Boréale Cuivrée (Ste. Elisabeth)
  414. L’Amère à Boire Drak (L’Amère à Boire)
  415. L’Amère à Boire Boucanier (L’Amère à Boire)
  416. La Succarsale 1814 Porter (La Succarsale) – 6/11
  417. La Succarsale Vienna Lager (La Succarsale) – 5/11
  418. Le Trefle Noir Ale-ô-ween (Home) – 6/11
  419. Belgian Moon (Chez Serge)
  420. Granville Island Brewery Infamous IPS (Chez Serge)
  421. Tremblay (La Remise)
  422. Le Trou de Diable Les Quatre Surfeurs de l’Apocalypso (Home)
  423. Les Trois Brasseurs IPA (Les Trois Brasseurs)
  424. Brutopia Extra Special Bitter (Brutopia)
  425. Le Trou de Diable La Groivoise de Noël (Home)
  426. Glutenburg Rousse (Home) – 4/11
  427. Dunham Black IPA (Home)
  428. Brasseurs du Monde Rousse Irlandaise (Home)
  429. Brasseurs du Monde Noire Irlandaise (Home)
  430. Le Bilboquet L’Affriolante (Home)
  431. La Contrabande Blanche (Home)
  432. Le Trou du Diable Punkrauch (Home)
  433. Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean Tante Tricotante (Home)
  434. Dunham Stout Impérial Russe (Home)
  435. Grolsch (Home)
  436. A l’Abri de la Tempête Écumé (Home) – 5/11
  437. Microbrasserie du Lièvre Brune au Miel (Home)
  438. Saint Bock Bison Mécanique (Home) – 8/11
  439. Tsingtao (Tori Tora Sushi) – 3/11
  440. Brasseurs du Monde Old Age (Home)
  441. O’Hara’s Stout (Home)
  442. L’Achouffe Blonde Ale (House Party)
  443. Chimay Reserve (House Party)
  444. Le Bilboquet Le Billy Bishop (House Party)
  445. Décâlisse Royal Oak Ale (Home)
  446. Belgh Brasse Mons Rousse de l’Abbaye (Home)
  447. L’Alchimiste Claire (Home)
  448. L’Alchimiste IPA (Home)
  449. Si-Boire Quaker Stout (Si-Boire) – 5/11
  450. Si-Boire Mcamen Scotch Ale (Si-Boire) – 6/11
  451. Si-Boire Ingénieuse (Si-Boire) – 5/11
  452. Si-Boire Hops ‘n’ Cream (Si-Boire) – 7/11
  453. Si-Boire InsPirAtion (Si-Boire) – 5/11
  454. Brasseurs RJ Cap Espoir (Home)
  455. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Saison Belge (Café Lézard)
  456. La Succarsale Stout (La Succarsale)
  457. Griffon ESB (Irish Embassy)
  458. Broadway SPLASH Harvest (Home)
  459. Brasseurs RJ No. 926 (Home)
  460. Broadway Sein d’Esprit (Home)
  461. Multi-Brasses Brune au Café (Chez Sophie) – 6/11
  462. Le Bilboquet La Félix (Chez Sophie)
  463. Avant Garde Dr Brown (Yisst)
  464. Les 3 Mousquetaires Noire (Home)
  465. Décâlisse ??? – Trappist Style (House Party)
  466. Décâlisse KISS Stout (House Party)
  467. Vrooden Dunkel (Home) – 7/11
  468. Shelton Saison Sure Houblonnée (Home) – 5/11
  469. Malstrom India Extra Pale Ale (Home) – 4/11
  470. Belgh Brasse Mons Blanche (Chez Moussa)
  471. L’Espace Public Kolschlaga (Home) – 4/11
  472. Microbrasserie Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Triple (Home)
  473. Hopfenstark Ostalgia Rousse (Station
  474. Hopfenstark Faust Triple (Station
  475. Hopfenstark Pop Goes the World:Café Coriandre (Station
  476. Hopfenstark Kamarad Fredrich 2016 (Station
  477. Hopfenstark Berlin Alexanderplatz Epilogue (Station
  478. Les Grands Bois La Portneuvoise (Home)
  479. Les Grands Bois Super Pause (Home)
  480. Bitburger (Hurley’s)
  481. Brutopia Chocolate Stout (Brutopia)
  482. Riverbend Bitter/Rousse (Home)
  483. Multi-Brasses Fabuleuse (Home) – 7/11
  484. Multi-Brasses Amoureuse (Home) – 7/11
  485. A l’Abri de la Tempête Belle Saison (Home) – 6/11
  486. Riverbend Stout (Home)
  487. Riverbend Imperial Stout (Home)
  488. Avant Garde Doux Bisous (Home)
  489. Dunham Double Cyclope (Home)
  490. Riverbend Vin d’Orgue (Home)
  491. Vox Populi Kettle Sour (Home) – 6/11
  492. Frampton Brasse La Nuit d’Automne (Home)
  493. L’Espace Public Bière de Ruelle (Home)
  494. Microbrasserie du Lac Saint-Jean Gros Mollet (Home)
  495. Microbrasserie St. Pancrace Baie Cachée (Home)
  496. À la Fût Hoch’O’Pommes (Home)
  497. Avant Garde Perdu dans Malle (Home)
  498. Avant Garde Assemblage Sauvage (Home)
  499. Mort Subite (Bar le Vestiaire (Bar le Vestiaire)
  500. Banana Chocolate Stout (Les Trois Brasseurs)
  501. Les Trois Brasseurs Festive Ale
  502. Vrooden Kolsch
  503. La Succarsale La Triple de la Reine
  504. La Succarsale ABT
  505. Les Bières Béluga Golden Ale


*These three beers were originally numbers 176 – 178, but I decided to remove three ciders that I had tasted previously.

No. 87 – So many choices

So many choices…

Choose racing from work at record pace for a beer, choose standing in line for a bar filled to the brim, choose wandering what seems like countless bars for a bit of room to stand, choose lager, choose stout, choose a shot, choose slurring your way through the same conversations you’ve had a thousand times, choose becoming a philosopher, choose drunken therapy, choose visiting the bathroom every fifteen minutes for two hours, choose taking blurry photos of that funny thing on the wall, choose one for the road, choose another one for the road, choose pizza, choose popcorn, choose re-watching Trainspotting, choose talking the whole way through it about how good it is. Choose life!

I had planned not trying any new beers on St Patrick’s Day as I quite frankly could not be bothered.  However, spending quite a bit of time in Brutopia and not tasting something new would have been a wasted opportunity,  queue some badly pieced together thoughts on a beer I just about remember tasting and an addition to my list of hand models…

No. 87 – Blanche aux framboises


A few pints of Guinness is not a good idea prior to tasting a new beer as it turns out.

This was sweet, as the name suggests.  If you can’t translate it, tough.  It was also quite light and I think I got through it pretty quickly which is usually a good sign.  Cutting to the point, it’s getting six yeses – for being good, for the price, for being a little different, for the description, for the fact that I would drink it again and also that I would recommend it to a friend.


That’s all folks!

From what I recall… (Chalet Weekend part 1)

From What I Recall…

A weekend in a chalet far from Montreal with a bunch of friends seemed like a good opportunity to taste a few more new beers.  In retrospect, this was not the brightest idea.  Firstly, and least surprisingly the notes that I made on each beer became less and less detailed as the number of the beer increased.  Secondly, I thought it bright to simply make notes on my phone, my phone which auto-corrects everything under the sun.  Some beers were ‘very god,’  and apparently I tasted some beers from ‘Belle Gurgle.’  Thirdly, the quality of the pictures varies from interesting to let’s say slurred.  Anyways, here’s a brief rundown of the first six that I tried…

No. 73 – Tordeusse Brett Anneda – Microbrasserie Lac Saint Jean

A light blonde beer that I was a good way to start the drinking.  Nothing special about this one.  A Yes for each of the following – was good, price was fine, description was accurate, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it, particularly for people who don’t drink much.


Next up are several home made brews from a friend, cheers to Declan for donating them!

Nos. 74 – 77 – Cerveza, Summer Ale, IPA and Cider

I remember having a brief conversation about these drinks as I tried them and that they all matched their descriptions somewhat, so they all got a Yes for that.  Other than that I was surprised that they were all pretty good and quite individual.  So they all get a Yes for being good.  I’d definitely try them  again so that’s a third Yes and they were free samples so another Yes for the price.  Yes, I would also recommend them to anybody who’s interested in tasting different beers.  They all get the same mark.  Pretty consistent, which is good.


And back to Domaine Berthiaume for the Elfe Noire..

No. 78 – L’Elfe Noire, Domaine Berthiaume

This was a fine stout, which was probably the last drink that I had before things got blurry.  I also had to take various pictures while avoiding people waving their hands in front of the camera, so I felt that I earned this beer.  It’s quite light for a stout, I remember thinking at least, which had hints of something that I recall matching the description.  So, I’m giving it a Yes for being good and a Yes for the description.  I’d give it a bonus Yes for the picture but I don’t want to get into that habit.  The price as usual from Métro was reasonable, only about $5 so that’s another Yes and I would drink it again and recommend it.  Although there was a hint of something a little different taste wise, I don’t recall being blown away so I’m going to leave it at five yeses.


So six beers all getting five out of eleven.  By now, I’m starting to realise just how unfussy I am when it comes to beer.  Five is a fine mark, but the really good beers will be getting seven or more.

Next up, Chalet Weekend part 2 – Colour me Drunk!






Nos. 71 and 72 – Pub Quiz night at McKibbin’s

Nos. 71 and 72 – Pub Quiz night at McKibbin’s

As well as exploring the various beers available around Montreal this year, I am also organising a tour of the various pub quizzes that can be found in town.  On Monday, I organised another quiz night at McKibbin’s on Bishop Street (my favourite quiz so far, well of the three different bars we’ve been to) and was surprised to find a few beers there that I have not tasted this year –  Moosehead and Grimbergen.  You can see their beer list here, if you really want to.

N0. 71 – Moosehead

2017-03-06 - 71 = Moosehead McKibbins _500beers
Clearly not the best picture but most lagers look the same anyway.  It’s a shame they didn’t have a Moosehead glass, few things say ‘made in Canada’ quite like a moose’s head on a glass.

I tried this once in Paris at a Canadian bar with some poutine and from what I recall of the day it was fine but nothing special.  This is the impression I still have after trying it again.  I can’t say that it was bad so it gets a Yes for being fine, if not good.  The price was a happy hour price, about $6 so it gets a Yes for that, and Yes at a stretch I’d drink it again if I was short on alternatives or if it were cheap but I don’t think I’d recommend it.  It gets a Yes for being exactly what I expected, a straight up lager with no twists.  The sort of beer I would have drank before I realised that there are so many alternatives.


No. 72 – Grimbergen Brown Ale

2017-03-06 - 72 Grimbergan McKibbins _500beers
This is described as a Belgian brown ale on their beer menu but that doesn’t seem right after having tasted it.  I’ll maybe have to revisit this when I try other Grimbergen beers.

Again, the picture doesn’t really say much but it was a dark red colour rather than being Guinness black.  This was quite sweet and tasted of some kind of fruit, berries of some sort perhaps, this was somewhat of a surprise as I was expecting it be somewhat generic.

So, Yes, it was good.  Yes I will drink it again and Yes I would recommend it.  This was around $8, but this was good so I’d give it a Yes for the price too.  The taste was not what I expected in a good way, so that’s fifth Yes.  There was no description other than the name Grimbergen Brown Ale, so I’m leaving that as a no, perhaps when I try it again from a bottle this will change.  If I was in the mood for it and new that it was available slightly out of my way, I’d go for it so that’s the sixth and final Yes for this fine beverage.




No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune

No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune from Domaine Berthiaume

Sixty-four days into the challenge and I’m on my seventieth different beer, ahead of schedule for 365 beers in a year, but well behind for 500… 


As the name suggests, this is a brown ale and this is quickly becoming my favourite type of beer.  I remember trying a couple of brown ales at Brutopia in 2008 after I moved to Montreal for a working holiday and being amazed.  Up to that point beer had been lager such as Harp or Carlsberg and on rare occasions Kronenbourg.  I do not know why I didn’t start drinking brown ales again when I moved back to Montreal in 2013, but I regret it now.  Anyway, to the scoring!

Was this beer good?  Yes it was – quite light, a little sweet with a subtle aftertaste of chocolate.  So, Yes I would drink it again and Yes I would recommend it to a friend.  The price also gets a Yes.  This was about $5 from my local Métro.  The description (picture below) mentions a hint of fruit/chocolate so it’s getting another Yes for that.  I’m giving it a no for the taste being interesting or at least different because, although it was good and had a subtle aftertaste that I liked – it wasn’t different enough from other brown ales I’ve had.

I’d go an extra block or two out of my way for this as it’s the best brown ale I’ve found near where I live so far, so that’s a Yes.  But I think that six out of eleven is fair enough for this.






I was going to be witty and write a few lines celebrating my sixty-ninth different beer this year filled with innuendo, but it was too hard… 

Here’s a description and a few pictures instead.


Food shopping has lately turned into standing at the beer section and deciding which of the many beers to take home with me.  I’m at the stage where I’m picking them based on the pictures on the bottle and this one attracted me for some reason.

One of the nice things about trying different beers and then writing about them is the research involved.  As mentioned before, I’m no connoisseur of beers (nor am I a writer, or even someone who checks their spelling for that matter), but I’ve found it interesting looking into the various microbreweries located around Quebec.  I’m happy to have found several beers from Domaine Berthiaume.

Their L’Eau Claire is a fine blond ale with a slight hint of fruit in the flavour.  This hint of orange gives the beer an interesting aftertaste but it’s quite subtle all the same.

And so to the score…

Firstly, this beer was good, as loose a term as that is and I would definitely drink it again and recommend it to a friend.  So that’s  Yes, Yes and Yes so far.

The price from my local Métro was reasonable, about $5 from what I recall so I’d give that a Yes.  The name and description were accurate.  In fact, the description helped me figure out exactly what that aftertaste was so that’s definitely a Yes.


So now to the tricky part – just how good was the beer?  I would quite happily walk the extra block on the way home from work to grab a bottle.  So that’s one Yes.  However, I think that would be it.  I can’t imagine putting on layers, a scarf and a hat to go and search for one.  I’d definitely not fight a bear for it.  Having said that my last three questions are really there to separate good beers from great beers.

This is definitely a pretty good beer, but not great.


More to follow from Domaine Berthiaume next time.



Le Reservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

Le Réservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

About two years ago I started going to a meetup group tour of local microbreweries in Montreal.  The general idea being to meet new people and try a few new beers.  I’d recommend this to anyone who moves to Montreal, who likes beer and who likes socialising.  This also turns out to be extremely useful if you are trying to drink 500 different types of beer in one year.

Yesterday, I went to le Réservoir in the plateau to try out a few new beers and the craic was good as we say…

No. 65 – Noire à l’Avoine2017-02-28-65-noire-a-lavoine-le-reservoir-_500beers

Oatmeal stout, which is a little heavier than a regular stout.  It has a hint of sweetness to it that makes it a little different from most other stouts I’ve tried so far.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes (happy hour!)
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes

This is a pretty good beer, but only got 5 because it isn’t that unique and I don’t think that it would spring to mind if I were in the mind for the black stuff.


No. 66 – Brown Ale

I like this.  A sweet and reasonably light ale that just got better with each gulp.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I walk a few blocks extra for it?  Yes
Would I go out in a snowstorm for it?  Yes

I really like this one in fact.  I think that I could drink it all day and will definitely make my way to le Réservoir when I’m in the area for it.


No. 67 – Saison Ambrée

I’ve been trying to find information on this one online but can’t see too much.  It’s a wheat ale I believe, though I’m happy to be corrected on that.  Like the Brown Ale it was also light and easy to drink with a certain sweetness.

Was it good?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes (it’s quite ambrée)
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

This was fine, not great but I would drink it again and would suggest that others give it a go.


No. 68 – Weizen

A white beer, served without an oversized slice of orange, which is curiously refreshing.  Unfortunately it was a little plain, but was also light and easy to drink like the previous two beers – something of a trademark for le Reservoir perhaps.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes

Like the Saison Ambrée this was ok, if I was there and in the mood for a white beer, I’d go for it again but as for recommending it or going out of my way to drink it, I wouldn’t.


I really liked this bar, with the exception of the Noire à l’Avoine, the beers were all light and had a little sweetness to them.  Add to this the happy hour price for beer up to about 8pm (from what I recall) and it’s well worth a trip.  I will be back.