I first noticed Archibald beers two years ago at the beer festival in Montreal, I don’t recall much else about the day.  What caught my attention was the design; interesting names and colourful caricatures.  If you put attractive women on a beer (or dinosaurs for that matter) I will buy it.  I am really that simple. 

In the two years since that blurry day, they seem to have gained popularity as their beers are everywhere.  Their website is here, and I recommend trying one of their restaurants.  I tried two beers at their restaurant in Trois Rivieres and they were very good indeed.  The other beers I’ve tried so far have been a mixture of tins and pints in other bars and they’ve been pretty consistent so far.

Matante – 6/11

Joufflue – 6/11

Veuve Noire – 8/11

Tite Kriss – 7/11

Ci-boire 5/11

Belle Mer 4/11

Nuit Blanche – 6/11

Coquine – 5/11

Brise du Lac

Chipie 5/11



500 different beers in one year – if you spot a typo, do a shot!

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