No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune

No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune from Domaine Berthiaume

Sixty-four days into the challenge and I’m on my seventieth different beer, ahead of schedule for 365 beers in a year, but well behind for 500… 


As the name suggests, this is a brown ale and this is quickly becoming my favourite type of beer.  I remember trying a couple of brown ales at Brutopia in 2008 after I moved to Montreal for a working holiday and being amazed.  Up to that point beer had been lager such as Harp or Carlsberg and on rare occasions Kronenbourg.  I do not know why I didn’t start drinking brown ales again when I moved back to Montreal in 2013, but I regret it now.  Anyway, to the scoring!

Was this beer good?  Yes it was – quite light, a little sweet with a subtle aftertaste of chocolate.  So, Yes I would drink it again and Yes I would recommend it to a friend.  The price also gets a Yes.  This was about $5 from my local Métro.  The description (picture below) mentions a hint of fruit/chocolate so it’s getting another Yes for that.  I’m giving it a no for the taste being interesting or at least different because, although it was good and had a subtle aftertaste that I liked – it wasn’t different enough from other brown ales I’ve had.

I’d go an extra block or two out of my way for this as it’s the best brown ale I’ve found near where I live so far, so that’s a Yes.  But I think that six out of eleven is fair enough for this.




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