Drink responsibly, it’s better…

This is a thing I noticed at the Montreal Beer Festival recently, which seems to fall in line with several things that I have noticed this year so far, since starting the drinking challenge.  Here are a few hastily written notes…

  1. Sens du goût plus développé/A better developed palette
    By tasting and trying to rate each beer rather than sinking them asafp, I’ve learned quite a bit about what different types of beer should taste like.  I’ve also figured out that my own particular preference lies in darker beers, which I think may be linked to getting older but I’ve no proof of that other than my own drinking history.
  2. Plus de plaisir à déguster/A more pleasurable tasting experience
    Pretty much as above, drinking for the taste rather than the effect has made me appreciate not just the beer but the social aspect a lot more.  At the risk of sounding philosophical, the emphasis is on discovery rather than getting drunk and hoping for the best.
  3. Pas de gueule de bois/No hangovers
    This is the best thing I’ve noticed – a better tolerance to the effects of beer by drinking one or two (or three or four) regularly rather than getting smashed at the weekend on seven or eight beers.
  4. Sommeil plus réparateur/More restful sleep
    Sleeping after drinking was never easy.  A few hours here and there, getting up for a drink of water or chocolate milk for some reason and odd dreams which may have been real or not.  After a lot of beer before it would take me 24 hours to recover properly, the night after being a proper recovery sleep.  This is no longer necessary, as I don’t get that drunk anymore sleeping to recover is easier.
  5. Plus d’énergie, meilleure forme, meilleur contrôle du poids/More energy, better form, better weight control
    I noticed in March that with consistent but not excessive alcohol intake comes great responsibility.  It’s very easy to put on weight and it has become a priority to eat somewhat more healthily and do more exercise.  With consistent but not excessive beers, it’s easier to find a balance between the things that are good for you and the things that are bad.
  6. Changer de conducteur désigné/A change of designated driver
    I don’t really care about this as the public transport in Montreal is pretty good!  I would simply add that I have had to walk home at 3 or 4am a lot less this year so far (only once I think, but that wasn’t beer’s fault – damn shots).


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