In 2008, when I first moved to Montreal, I went to les Trois Brasseurs in Old Montreal.  I think that was very probably the first time I tasted a beer that wasn’t Harp, Carlsberg, Guiness or something similar.  It was pleasant if not great but tasted different and made me want to try different beers for the first time. 

Not too long after that discovery, I stumbled across Brutopia. 

This was a revelation.  I loved their honey brown ale and nut brown ale instantly.

This was merely the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Since moving back to Montreal in 2013, I’ve found many more great bars and microbreweries with great beers and there are many more to discover.

This page will simply be list of the breweries or microbreweries whose beers I have sampled…


Avant Garde


Belle Gueule




Dieu du Ciel

Domaine Berthiaume


Goose Island

Le BockAle

Les Bières de la Nouvelle France

Les Brasseurs RJ

Le Trefle Noir

Mill St. Brewery


St. Ambroise

West Shefford

500 different beers in one year – if you spot a typo, do a shot!

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