I hadn’t drank Budweiser or similar beers in many years so I was curious to see how it would compare to the stronger and frankly better beers I had become used to.  Bud Light and Labatt’s 50 were on tap at the Irish Embassy, and I was very drunk when I tried them – in fact I don’t have a picture of Labatt’s 50 and I don’t want to have to go and buy one just to take a picture.  Labatt’s Bleue and Budweiser were both tried at Sports Station and I was also quite drunk at that point.  I believe from the picture that Rolling Rock was tried at Ye Olde Orchard on de la Montagne – just for the hell of it.

I don’t have too much to say about these ‘beers…’

No. 47 – Bud Light
2017-02-05 - 47 - Bud Light _500beers

Hmmm…Bud is light enough so why make it lighter?  3/11

No. 50 – Labatt’s 50

Like Harp or Carlsberg back home, it seems to be everywhere somehow.  It’s fine, just a standard lager. 3.5/11

No. 120 – Rolling Rock

This is lemonade – I understand that it is an extra pale lager but it just tasted like lemonade.  2/11

Nos. 284 and 285 – Labatt’s Bleue and Budweiser

These were both cheap and were fine – what you would expect, Budweiser is a little lighter feeling with Labatt’s seeming closer to an actual beer but I could drink it again if it were cheap enough.  These both get 3/11.

So that’s that.  A few of the beers I tried just to fill out the numbers, I mean to compare different light beers.  I don’t like being critical but there are so many better beers out there.

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