No. 143 – Le Trefle Noir Quadriporter

No. 143 – Le Trefle Noir Quadriporter

The word ‘smoked’ brings back memories of hearing or saying the phrase ‘it’s very fumé indeed’ a lot at a drinking session in the past and of scrubbing my mouth to try to get rid of the taste of smoky beer the morning after.  I am therefore always sceptical when I see this word in relation to beer.  However, so far I have not gone wrong with a beer from Le Trefle Noir…


It has all the qualities of a porter with a subtle smoky hint that comes through nicely in the aftertaste.  My first thoughts when drinking it were ‘rich’ and ‘subtle’, two words that don’t necessarily go together.

It’s pours beautifully and settles with a medium bubbly head and the aroma is that of a fine porter with hints of chocolate and coffee.  There was a surprising fizz on the tongue at the first gulp, which is strange for this kind of beer – presumably this is from the smoked rye.  Despite this, the taste makes me think of burnt coffee (something I used to do a lot as a barista).  The smoked rye flavour comes through subtly in the aftertaste and was surprisingly good.

2017-05-12 - 143 - Le Trefle Noir Quadriporter desc. _500beers

To the ratings…

Yes, it is good!

Yes, it was worth $5.50!

Yes, I would drink it again!

Yes, I would recommend it!

Yes, it matches it’s description!

Yes, it has something a little different about it!

Yes, I’d go a block or two out of my way for it!


Another stout/porter with another good mark and another Le Trefle Noir with a good mark.



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