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Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

I’ve previously tried six beers from Les Brasseurs RJ, with the highest rated so far being their Titanic at 8/11 and the lowest being their Cheval Blanc Double Blanc at 3/11 – they’ve an average score of 6/11 in any case which is pretty consistent…

No. 189 – Barbar

I got quite tipsy from this beer, which was nice.  It’s a strong honey beer, with a really nice rainbow like colour (in the sunlight at least).  It’s not too hoppy at all, has a little hint of fruit and is quite a full bodied beer.  You know you’re drinking a strong beer when you drink it.  There is a nicely balanced bitterness to it as well in the after taste that I really liked.  It get’s 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, recommendable, drink-again-able, and I would go out of my way for it.

No. 190 – Robe Noire

Titanic from Les Brasseurs RJ was a very good stout so I had high expectations for this.  It does not disappoint.  The head is like a mousse, it fizzes away but retains a bubbly head long into the pint.  The aroma reminds me of shots of Bailey’s and chocolate liqueur that I’ve had in the past.  The emphasis on chocolate in the description is completely spot on – this is a chocolate stout par excellence.  The creamy chocolate taste stays in the mouth and builds with each gulp.  I really like this beer.  It’s getting a 9/11 – it has everything that the Barbar has, however it has that little je ne sais quoi and I would go out in a snowstorm or fight a bear for it.

So that’s another couple of good marks for Les Brasseurs RJ and another very good mark for a stout.  I’ve recently started to like more hoppy lighter beers more (probably due to the heat) but clearly at this point stout is king.

Nos. 139 – 142 – Le Cheval Blanc

Nos. 139 – 142 – Le Cheval Blanc

Two swift pints after eleven hours at work turned into four…

Le Cheval Blanc is a bar that I’d only been to on one occasion before, and I don’t remember much about that particular evening.  It’s in a pretty good location, seems to always be busy (from what I hear) and has cheap beers which are pretty good.  Also, I like the way the bar is set up, it reminds me of a bar back home, which is always a bonus…

No. 139 – Stout
2017-05-11 - 139 - Cheval Blanc Stout à l'azote _500beers

I started out with a stout as I have been drinking a lot of stouts and porters recently.  This is pretty much Guinness.  I don’t think that I could tell the two apart in a blind tasting.  This is not a bad thing however, as it costs about $3 less than a pint of Guinness.  Yes, it’s good.  Yes, the price is good.  Yes, it’s accurate (can’t really go too far wrong with the name Stout).  Yes, I would drink it again and based on the price, Yes, I would recommend it.  Yes, I’d go a few blocks out of my way for this, based on the price and the ambiance of the bar as well.  6/11


No. 140 – Cream Ale

2017-05-11 - 140 - Chevel Blanc Cream Ale à l'azote _500beers

This is a really nice beer and I wish that I had made a few notes at the time.  From memory, the aroma was somewhat fruity, promising a refreshing ale with plenty of flavour and it did not disappoint.  Yes, it is very good.  Yes, it is more than worth the price.  Yes, it matches it’s description.  Yes, it has something different and interesting about it.  Yes, I would drink it again and Yes I would recommend it.  Yes, I would go out of my way for this as well.  7/11




No. 141 – Ambrée and No. 142 – Blanche

I maybe should have gone home after the first two beers, that is unfortunately usually very difficult to do.  The Ambrée is fine, nothing special about it apart from the price being more than reasonable so it gets a decent 5/11 for being good, for the price, for accuracy of description, for drink-again and recommend-ability.  The blanche was also fine, but I’m only giving it the 4/11 for being fine, cheap, accurate and for the fact that I may drink it again.  There was nothing special to it, which was a little disappointing after the first two beers being pretty good.

I definitely recommend Le Cheval Blanc if you fancy a reasonably priced beer and a good atmosphere.  Start with the cream ale!

No. 113 – Mill St. Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout


No. 113 – Cobblestone Stout

So far I haven’t had a bad stout, with the average mark being six out of eleven.  This means one of two things – either stout is easy to make, or I’ve being drinking the wrong beers for the last sixteen plus years.  And so, we move onto Mill St. Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout.  I bought a tin of this at my dépanneur for £4.00 at the weekend and have been looking forward to tasting it ever since. 

2017-04-12 - 113 - Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout poured _500beers
Oddly, this was a pleasure to pour and watching it settle was somewhat mesmerising.  It looks really good and it tastes pretty good too.  It’s very similar to a good pint of Guinness but cheaper.  Looking at the description, which is below, I would agree that this is a stout lover’s stout.  The taste in itself is nothing uniquely different, it’s just smooth.  I’d like to and may do a stout evening in the near future to see if I can tell these stouts apart in a blind tasting.  A Stout-Off, if you will.

2017-04-12 - 113 - Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout desc. _500beers

So, to the scoring…
Yes, it’s good.  Yes, for the price it’s a steal, though I’ll maybe also do a price comparison post at some point.  Yes, I’d drink it again and Yes, I’d recommend it.  It gets another Yes for having an accurate description and a final Yes for going out of my way to buy it – fortunately it’s actually on my way.  So a pretty good 6/11 and a few questions raised about re-tasting and comparing the various stouts I’ve tried so far.

Next up is Beau’s tour of the age of the Dinosaurs!



No. 100 – Trefle Noir Stout

No. 100 – Trefle Noir Stout

Beer number one hundred in my quest to taste 500 different beers in a single year.  I chose this one from my local Métro because I liked the picture and felt like a stout for some reason.  Stout may have been the first beer I ever tasted – I’ve a vague recollection of my dad letting me taste Guinness many years before I should have. 

This one comes from Trefle Noir, as the name suggests…

2017-04-01 - 100 - Trefle Noir Stout poured _500beers

Like most of the ‘artisanal’ stouts I have seen so far the description (below) references coffee and chocolate.  I like chocolate.  I also like coffee from time to time.  I particularly like beers which have that little something different about them as well so a mixture of these three things makes for a pretty good beer.

This was like a good cappuccino.

2017-04-01 - 100 - Trefle Noir Stout head _500beers

The foamy head made me want to grab a spoon and eat it rather than drink it.  I wonder what it would be like with cinnamon or chocolate sprinkled on – something to try in the future perhaps.  But anyway, this is definitely a positive point and the best contrast between the head and the pint I’ve seen so far.

2017-04-01 - 100 - Trefle Noir Stout description _500beers

Yes!  This was good, very good indeed.  The taste of coffee was very strong.  But I liked this a lot.  It is therefore a Yes for the taste matching the description.  This means a definite Yes for the taste being interesting or different as well, a Yes for drinking it again and a Yes for the fact that I would strongly recommend it to others.  It was $5.49 or so from Métro, which is a bargain as I have many a time paid $8 in bars for stouts that have had nothing special about them so for the price, it’s a Yes.  I’d definitely drink this in a bar if I found it on draft and I’d go out of my way to pick up a bottle if the mood took me.  So that’s another Yes.  I’m going to give it a final Yes for ‘would I go out in a snowstorm for it?’  8/11

This was a good choice for the hundredth beer.  I was surprised at the score but when I think about it again it gets a resounding Yes for each question.  I can’t wait to try out their other beers.

From what I recall… (Chalet Weekend part 1)

From What I Recall…

A weekend in a chalet far from Montreal with a bunch of friends seemed like a good opportunity to taste a few more new beers.  In retrospect, this was not the brightest idea.  Firstly, and least surprisingly the notes that I made on each beer became less and less detailed as the number of the beer increased.  Secondly, I thought it bright to simply make notes on my phone, my phone which auto-corrects everything under the sun.  Some beers were ‘very god,’  and apparently I tasted some beers from ‘Belle Gurgle.’  Thirdly, the quality of the pictures varies from interesting to let’s say slurred.  Anyways, here’s a brief rundown of the first six that I tried…

No. 73 – Tordeusse Brett Anneda – Microbrasserie Lac Saint Jean

A light blonde beer that I was a good way to start the drinking.  Nothing special about this one.  A Yes for each of the following – was good, price was fine, description was accurate, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it, particularly for people who don’t drink much.


Next up are several home made brews from a friend, cheers to Declan for donating them!

Nos. 74 – 77 – Cerveza, Summer Ale, IPA and Cider

I remember having a brief conversation about these drinks as I tried them and that they all matched their descriptions somewhat, so they all got a Yes for that.  Other than that I was surprised that they were all pretty good and quite individual.  So they all get a Yes for being good.  I’d definitely try them  again so that’s a third Yes and they were free samples so another Yes for the price.  Yes, I would also recommend them to anybody who’s interested in tasting different beers.  They all get the same mark.  Pretty consistent, which is good.


And back to Domaine Berthiaume for the Elfe Noire..

No. 78 – L’Elfe Noire, Domaine Berthiaume

This was a fine stout, which was probably the last drink that I had before things got blurry.  I also had to take various pictures while avoiding people waving their hands in front of the camera, so I felt that I earned this beer.  It’s quite light for a stout, I remember thinking at least, which had hints of something that I recall matching the description.  So, I’m giving it a Yes for being good and a Yes for the description.  I’d give it a bonus Yes for the picture but I don’t want to get into that habit.  The price as usual from Métro was reasonable, only about $5 so that’s another Yes and I would drink it again and recommend it.  Although there was a hint of something a little different taste wise, I don’t recall being blown away so I’m going to leave it at five yeses.


So six beers all getting five out of eleven.  By now, I’m starting to realise just how unfussy I am when it comes to beer.  Five is a fine mark, but the really good beers will be getting seven or more.

Next up, Chalet Weekend part 2 – Colour me Drunk!