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No. 412 – Le Bilboquet’s Saint Barnabé Sud

No. 412 – Le Bilboquet’s Saint Barnabé Sud

I have in mind a little day trip to Saint Hyacinthe before the end of the year.  An opportunity to get out of Montreal for a morning, walk around and take photos of a new place.  Then I shall go to Le Bilboquet’s bar and have a nice new beer.  In the meantime, here is there strawberry beer…

2017-10-27 - 412 - Le Bilboquet Saint Barnabé Sud poured _500beers

It’s a healthy dark golden orange colour with a little hint of rouge and the aroma is of sweet strawberries.  The head is bubbly and tastes lovely.  It’s creamy, a little malty and froths nicely with a little bitter fizz at the end.  The strawberry is perfectly balanced, at no point did I think that this beer was too sweet or that I wasn’t tasting enough of it.  This is a really good beer and even the last gulp was creamy, malty and a little strawberryey.

Yes, it’s good.
Yes, it’s worth the price.
Yes, it’s accurate.
Yes, it’s a little different or unique.
Yes, I’d drink it again.
Yes, I’d recommend it.
Yes, I’d go out of my way for it.
Yes, I’d go out in a snowstorm or a heatwave for it.


I haven’t had a bad beer from Le Bilboquet.  I will try to do a summary of the other beers I’ve tasted from them soon (La Champêtre, Peau d’Ours, La Corriveau Impérial, L’Archange, MacKroken Flower and Geminus).