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Le Trefle Noir – Joannès and Ale-ô-Ween

Le Trefle Noir – Joannès and Ale-ô-Ween

Discovering this microbrewery was one of the highlights of last year’s challenge.  There darker beers were all good and they even had a verrry nice IPA.  These are the last two of their beers that I tried last year…

No. 306 – Joannès

I’m not, or at least I was not a fan of berliner weisse style beers.  The problem being that the majority of them that I had tried made me think of something that you could clean a bathroom with.  So, what happens when you get your least favourite style of beer from one of your favourite microbreweries?

The aroma at first was of blackcurrant and raspberry, profoundly blackcurrant – if that makes sense.  It was bittersweet and the colour was a vivid deep pink with a very bubbly head.  It looked great.  The beer rolls through the mouth like a refreshing wave, crashing into the throat with a sour bitter taste.  There are hints of berries in the taste and it has a nice amount of fizz.  It is not too sour but still would satisfy berliner weisse fans.  I really liked this one and would recommend trying it.  7/11

No. 418 – Ale-ô-Ween

I had been looking forward to pumpkin ale season ever since I tried Mill St. Brewery’s Autumn Selection way back in the Spring.  In the end I think I only tried about 3 pumpkin ales in pumpkin season.

This one is ok.  The aroma is a little pumpkiny and there is a little spice and cinnamon there too.  The head dissipated quickly but the beer looked pretty good all the same.  The taste is a little disappointing, the pumpkin is there but it is mild.  The spice comes through nicely in the aftertaste, which is a little peppery and has a nice warmth to it without being overwhelming.  All in all, this is a decent beer but no more than a 6/11 – worth trying but there are better pumpkin ales.

And so that is Le Trefle Noir for 2017.  I will be posting about the Beer Off soon, where I retried two of their beers along with a few others to see which was the best that I tasted last year.


No. 392 – A smashing pumpkin ale

No. 392 – A smashing pumpkin ale

I am one of those people who likes to put some kind of theme to each post.  Today, I was going to try, try, try to write about St. Ambroise with as many Smashing Pumpkins references* as possible (their 90s incarnation being one of my favourite bands).  Tonight, tonight, it is somewhat difficult – I’ve zero inspiration and am drawing a blank.  In any case, this post is about a pumpkin ale…

2017-10-10 - 392 - St. Ambroise Citrouille poured _500beers

So far, I’ve tried two pumpkin ales (Mill St. Brewery and Brutopia) and they’ve been fine without being anything special.  This one is my favourite to date.  It pours a lovely amber pumpkin colour and the pumpkin aroma is strong when allowed to breath.  The pumpkin hits at the back of the tongue and builds to a nice aftertaste but what is most interesting about this beer is that it’s just a really drinkable beer.  There’s very little bitterness in it, it’s not too sweet either – it’s got a really nice balance.  I could drink these all day and not get sick of the flavour.  This is not something I can say about many beers with individual or unique flavours.

I’m giving it a strong 7/11 for being good, well worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability, recommend-ability and for the fact that I would go out of my way for it possibly in a snowstorm (hopefully, there will be snow soon to justify that question).

I’m nearly at 400 different beers, slightly ahead of schedule so I’m going to take the opportunity over the next week to post about the following…

Brasseurs du Nord – Boréal beers
Northern Ireland – part two
The Chambly Beer Festival
Octoberfest at the Atwater Market
Home brewing
And many more!

*six is enough, no prize for spotting them, they’re pretty obvious.