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Benelux (Sherbrooke and Wellington)

Benelux (Sherbrooke and Wellington)

Until a couple of Fridays ago, I’d been in Benelux on Sherbrooke twice in my life.  The first was in 2009 and involved cocktails (from what I recall), the second was almost three years ago for the first of many micro-brewery tour meet ups that I have gone to over the last few years.  So this was an untapped source of new beers.  I have now visited both the locations, the other being on Wellington in Verdun.  I definitely prefer the feel of the bar on Sherbrooke and would recommend it over the other…

No. 275 – Le Beat (Sherbrooke)
2017-08-04 - 275 - Benelux Le Beat _500beers

This is a standard black IPA, hops in the aroma and a little hoppy to taste.  The bitterness really comes through in the warm aftertaste.  Not much else to say on this one!  It gets a standard 5/11, for being good, worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.

No. 293 – Troy (Wellington)
2017-08-20 - 293 - Benelux Troy _500beers

This one’s a little deceptive.  It’s pitched as a dry stout but doesn’t look like one, the picture was taken just after it was poured and the head and already disappeared.  The colour as well was also quite light.  I thought it was a little bland at first but it grew on me a bit.  There’s a nice chocolate/caramel character to this beer which seems to coat the mouth and make the drink more pleasurable which each gulp.  It’s getting 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate (this is a bit of a stretch, but they’re my marks so…), for having something a little unique, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.

No. 294 – Prélude (Wellington)
2017-08-20 - 294 - Benelux Prélude _500beers

This is a very bright blonde ale that was surprisingly good.  It has a nice maltyness that coats the mouth and a little hit of bitterness from the hops.  It’s a nice balance.  I didn’t pick up on much else flavour wise, but this was a refreshing pint indeed.  I’m giving it 5.5/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.  The extra 0.5 of a Yes is for luck.

So, I’ve had three beers from Benelux and while there has been nothing outstanding as yet, they do have some decent beers and I will go back before the end of the year.  At least, I’ll go back to the Sherbrooke location.

Montreal 375

No. 265 – Brasseurs du Monde’s Célébrante 375

I hear that the city of Montreal have spent, or will have spent about a billion dollars* on Montreal’s birthday celebrations by the end of the year.  I’ve spent $4.99. Of this, 25 cents will go to helping immigrants and refugees as Brasseurs du Monde are donating a little from each sale to PROMIS.  That’s a nice touch considering the history of immigrants in Montreal.

I should have maybe kept this beer for a while so that my 375th beer would have 375 in it’s name, fortunately there are other beers along the same theme so I’ll try to remember as the numbers tick by…

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 image _500beers

Apparently this is a strong ale with champagne yeast, that may explain the way the head disappeared so quickly.  As promised by the description, there are light hints of citrus in the aroma and it gives a golden orange glow in the sun.

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 poured _500beers

For a beer at 7%, it tasted surprisingly light and didn’t last too long.  It tastes like a decent blond ale, with some hints of orange coming through nicely.  Not too heavy for those who likes light beers and not to light for those who prefer good beer!

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 desc. _500beers

It’s getting a 6/11.  It is good, accurate, worth the price and I would recommend it, drink it again and possibly go out of my way to pick up a bottle.

*feel free to google this, I got the figure from CBC, or CTV

Nos. 139 – 142 – Le Cheval Blanc

Nos. 139 – 142 – Le Cheval Blanc

Two swift pints after eleven hours at work turned into four…

Le Cheval Blanc is a bar that I’d only been to on one occasion before, and I don’t remember much about that particular evening.  It’s in a pretty good location, seems to always be busy (from what I hear) and has cheap beers which are pretty good.  Also, I like the way the bar is set up, it reminds me of a bar back home, which is always a bonus…

No. 139 – Stout
2017-05-11 - 139 - Cheval Blanc Stout à l'azote _500beers

I started out with a stout as I have been drinking a lot of stouts and porters recently.  This is pretty much Guinness.  I don’t think that I could tell the two apart in a blind tasting.  This is not a bad thing however, as it costs about $3 less than a pint of Guinness.  Yes, it’s good.  Yes, the price is good.  Yes, it’s accurate (can’t really go too far wrong with the name Stout).  Yes, I would drink it again and based on the price, Yes, I would recommend it.  Yes, I’d go a few blocks out of my way for this, based on the price and the ambiance of the bar as well.  6/11


No. 140 – Cream Ale

2017-05-11 - 140 - Chevel Blanc Cream Ale à l'azote _500beers

This is a really nice beer and I wish that I had made a few notes at the time.  From memory, the aroma was somewhat fruity, promising a refreshing ale with plenty of flavour and it did not disappoint.  Yes, it is very good.  Yes, it is more than worth the price.  Yes, it matches it’s description.  Yes, it has something different and interesting about it.  Yes, I would drink it again and Yes I would recommend it.  Yes, I would go out of my way for this as well.  7/11




No. 141 – Ambrée and No. 142 – Blanche

I maybe should have gone home after the first two beers, that is unfortunately usually very difficult to do.  The Ambrée is fine, nothing special about it apart from the price being more than reasonable so it gets a decent 5/11 for being good, for the price, for accuracy of description, for drink-again and recommend-ability.  The blanche was also fine, but I’m only giving it the 4/11 for being fine, cheap, accurate and for the fact that I may drink it again.  There was nothing special to it, which was a little disappointing after the first two beers being pretty good.

I definitely recommend Le Cheval Blanc if you fancy a reasonably priced beer and a good atmosphere.  Start with the cream ale!

Le Reservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

Le Réservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

About two years ago I started going to a meetup group tour of local microbreweries in Montreal.  The general idea being to meet new people and try a few new beers.  I’d recommend this to anyone who moves to Montreal, who likes beer and who likes socialising.  This also turns out to be extremely useful if you are trying to drink 500 different types of beer in one year.

Yesterday, I went to le Réservoir in the plateau to try out a few new beers and the craic was good as we say…

No. 65 – Noire à l’Avoine2017-02-28-65-noire-a-lavoine-le-reservoir-_500beers

Oatmeal stout, which is a little heavier than a regular stout.  It has a hint of sweetness to it that makes it a little different from most other stouts I’ve tried so far.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes (happy hour!)
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes

This is a pretty good beer, but only got 5 because it isn’t that unique and I don’t think that it would spring to mind if I were in the mind for the black stuff.


No. 66 – Brown Ale

I like this.  A sweet and reasonably light ale that just got better with each gulp.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I walk a few blocks extra for it?  Yes
Would I go out in a snowstorm for it?  Yes

I really like this one in fact.  I think that I could drink it all day and will definitely make my way to le Réservoir when I’m in the area for it.


No. 67 – Saison Ambrée

I’ve been trying to find information on this one online but can’t see too much.  It’s a wheat ale I believe, though I’m happy to be corrected on that.  Like the Brown Ale it was also light and easy to drink with a certain sweetness.

Was it good?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes (it’s quite ambrée)
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

This was fine, not great but I would drink it again and would suggest that others give it a go.


No. 68 – Weizen

A white beer, served without an oversized slice of orange, which is curiously refreshing.  Unfortunately it was a little plain, but was also light and easy to drink like the previous two beers – something of a trademark for le Reservoir perhaps.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes

Like the Saison Ambrée this was ok, if I was there and in the mood for a white beer, I’d go for it again but as for recommending it or going out of my way to drink it, I wouldn’t.


I really liked this bar, with the exception of the Noire à l’Avoine, the beers were all light and had a little sweetness to them.  Add to this the happy hour price for beer up to about 8pm (from what I recall) and it’s well worth a trip.  I will be back.