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Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

I’ve previously tried six beers from Les Brasseurs RJ, with the highest rated so far being their Titanic at 8/11 and the lowest being their Cheval Blanc Double Blanc at 3/11 – they’ve an average score of 6/11 in any case which is pretty consistent…

No. 189 – Barbar

I got quite tipsy from this beer, which was nice.  It’s a strong honey beer, with a really nice rainbow like colour (in the sunlight at least).  It’s not too hoppy at all, has a little hint of fruit and is quite a full bodied beer.  You know you’re drinking a strong beer when you drink it.  There is a nicely balanced bitterness to it as well in the after taste that I really liked.  It get’s 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, recommendable, drink-again-able, and I would go out of my way for it.

No. 190 – Robe Noire

Titanic from Les Brasseurs RJ was a very good stout so I had high expectations for this.  It does not disappoint.  The head is like a mousse, it fizzes away but retains a bubbly head long into the pint.  The aroma reminds me of shots of Bailey’s and chocolate liqueur that I’ve had in the past.  The emphasis on chocolate in the description is completely spot on – this is a chocolate stout par excellence.  The creamy chocolate taste stays in the mouth and builds with each gulp.  I really like this beer.  It’s getting a 9/11 – it has everything that the Barbar has, however it has that little je ne sais quoi and I would go out in a snowstorm or fight a bear for it.

So that’s another couple of good marks for Les Brasseurs RJ and another very good mark for a stout.  I’ve recently started to like more hoppy lighter beers more (probably due to the heat) but clearly at this point stout is king.


Nos. 136 – 138 – L’Aventure from Les Brasseurs RJ

Nos. 136 – 138 – L’Aventure from Les Brasseurs RJ

Another case of purchasing beers just because I like the labels…

I’ve so far tried three beers from Les Brasseurs RJ, none of which are online yet but they have gotten two very good marks and one bad mark.  The good marks helped push me towards buying this selection pack from my local Métro.

No. 136 – Lochness

This is a scotch that probably suffers from the fact that number 135 was a scotch ale and is the best beer I’ve tasted so far this year.  The colour is good and the aroma was pleasant but not as warm as O’Born Evil.  To taste, it is quite good, bitter with a hint of scotch.  The problem is that it seems somewhat light for a strong beer and the flavour lacks a warmth that I would now expect in a scotch ale.  Yes, it is good and Yes the description is accurate.  There is another Yes for the price and Yes I would drink it again.  Yes, I’d recommend trying it as it was reasonably priced and as there is nothing wrong with it – it just lacks that certain something.  5/11

No. 137 – Canon

This doppelbock gets a theoretical bonus point for forcing me to look up what ‘doppelbock’ actually means.  I had assumed that ‘doppel’ is ‘double’ and a visit to Berlin zoo informed me that a ‘bock’ is a goat or something similar.  ‘Doublegoat’ seems strange to me.  This is however a somewhat dark strong lager.

Anyway, this is a fine beer and the best part of this selection by a good distance.  I was taken with how glorious it looked in the glass in sunlight, which is always a good start.  To drink, it reminded me somewhat of the scotch ale but better with a nice sweetness to it.  Again, this seemed too easy to drink for a strong beer, which I suppose is good thing.  Yes, it is good.  Yes, I will drink it again.  Yes, I would recommend it.  Yes, it’s worth the price.  Yes, the description (or my understanding of doppelbock) is accurate, I’m also giving it a Yes for having something a little different – the hint of the scotch ale really struck me.  Yes, I would go out of my way for a six-pack if the mood took me.  A solid 7/11.

No. 138 – Death Valley

“Hop lovers, rejoice!”

I’m not particularly into very hoppy beers.  Drinking IPAs and beers labelled as ‘triple hop’ is however a necessary evil when trying to drink 500 different types of beer in a year, particularly in Montreal so it would seem.

Death Valley was actually a pleasant surprise.  Full bodied with a strong lively orange colour and light fizzy head.  It is quite hoppy of course but this did not put me off.  There are hints of fruit in the flavour, which made me think of some stronger white beers that I’ve tried so far this year.  It get Yeses for the following – being good, nice price, drink-again-ability (that’s now a word), description, recommend-ability (so is that), having something different or surprising.  6/11 

This is a pretty good showing and I would recommend the selection pack for anybody seeking a couple of different stronger beers.