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Le Réservoir 2, Nos. 267 – 272

Le Réservoir 2, Nos. 267 – 272

“I swear, I’m only going to have four beers max.” 

Here are the six beers I tried…

No. 267 – Le Réservoir Cream Ale

2017-08-02 - 267 - Le Réservoir Cream Ale _500beers

I like a good cream ale after work on a warm day – it’s a nice half way point between a white and a stout.  I was initially disappointed with this one, but on further reflection, it’s a perfectly fine cream ale.  The problem was that I’ve tried a few really good ones, that others don’t measure up to.  Judging the beer on it’s own merit however is my goal so this gets a 5/11.  It’s a refreshing creamy ale with a hint of sweetness, but that’s about it.  It does what it needs to.  It’s fine, worth the price, accurate and I would maybe drink it again and recommend it.

No. 268 – Le Réservoir Saison Gingembre

2017-08-02 - 268 - Le Réservoir Saison Gingembre _500beers

Ginger makes me think of ordering vietnamese food.  I ordered this for that reason alone.  Fortunately, it was a good beer.  The aroma is spicy, but is by no means overwhelming as is the taste.   My initial note just says that this was like drinking vietnamese food but it was better than that.  I’d like to try it with mildly spicy food to see how it matches up.  It gets a 6/11, the same as the cream ale except that it gets an extra yes for having that little something different about it.

No. 269 – Le Réservoir Cérise

2017-08-02 - 269 - Le Réservoir Cerise _500beers

This was a surprise.  On first taste it was a little sour but something strange came through in the aftertaste that was nice.  It was almost chocolatey.  I’m not sure where that came from but it was definitely there for the first few gulps.  There are hints of cherry of course but the taste was a little different than I would have expected.  It’s a strange one this – I don’t know if I’d drink it again but I’d suggest trying it.  It’s also fine, accurate, worth the price and has something different.  So 5/11.

No. 270 – Le Réservoir Vermont 2xIPA

2017-08-02 - 270 - Le Réservoir Vermont _500beers

The best drink of the night, with the oddest description.  I thought this was going to be a double hopped IPA but it turned out to be a hoppy cream ale style beer.  It was creamy like a good cream ale but the hops came through strongly in the aroma and taste.  The ale itself was fruity – citrus that you would expect from a hoppier beer.  This was a great mixture of styles and quite a surprise.  7/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, different, for drink-again-ability and recommend-ability and for the fact that I would go out of my way for a pint of this.

No. 271 – Le Réservoir Tripel

2017-08-02 - 271 - Le Réservoir Tripel _500beers
I didn’t really write too many notes at this point, unfortunately.  However, this tripel was surprisingly fruity for a stronger ale.  I quite liked it for this.  And that’s that.  6/11 for everything the Vermont has bar being different.

No. 272 – Le Réservoir Pilsner Américain

2017-08-02 272 - Le Réservoir Pilsner Americain _500bee

My favourite picture of the night and a decent beer too.  It has a nice burnt malty aroma and this comes through in the flavour strongly.  I like maltyness so that’s a good thing.  I think from memory that it’s a little better than the average pilsner.  5/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price and for drink-again-ability and recommend-ability.

So that’s my second trip to Le Réservoir (first one here) and another mixture of mostly good beers.  I foresee one further trip before the end of the year to explore their IPAs.



Le Reservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

Le Réservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

About two years ago I started going to a meetup group tour of local microbreweries in Montreal.  The general idea being to meet new people and try a few new beers.  I’d recommend this to anyone who moves to Montreal, who likes beer and who likes socialising.  This also turns out to be extremely useful if you are trying to drink 500 different types of beer in one year.

Yesterday, I went to le Réservoir in the plateau to try out a few new beers and the craic was good as we say…

No. 65 – Noire à l’Avoine2017-02-28-65-noire-a-lavoine-le-reservoir-_500beers

Oatmeal stout, which is a little heavier than a regular stout.  It has a hint of sweetness to it that makes it a little different from most other stouts I’ve tried so far.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes (happy hour!)
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes

This is a pretty good beer, but only got 5 because it isn’t that unique and I don’t think that it would spring to mind if I were in the mind for the black stuff.


No. 66 – Brown Ale

I like this.  A sweet and reasonably light ale that just got better with each gulp.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I walk a few blocks extra for it?  Yes
Would I go out in a snowstorm for it?  Yes

I really like this one in fact.  I think that I could drink it all day and will definitely make my way to le Réservoir when I’m in the area for it.


No. 67 – Saison Ambrée

I’ve been trying to find information on this one online but can’t see too much.  It’s a wheat ale I believe, though I’m happy to be corrected on that.  Like the Brown Ale it was also light and easy to drink with a certain sweetness.

Was it good?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes (it’s quite ambrée)
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

This was fine, not great but I would drink it again and would suggest that others give it a go.


No. 68 – Weizen

A white beer, served without an oversized slice of orange, which is curiously refreshing.  Unfortunately it was a little plain, but was also light and easy to drink like the previous two beers – something of a trademark for le Reservoir perhaps.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes

Like the Saison Ambrée this was ok, if I was there and in the mood for a white beer, I’d go for it again but as for recommending it or going out of my way to drink it, I wouldn’t.


I really liked this bar, with the exception of the Noire à l’Avoine, the beers were all light and had a little sweetness to them.  Add to this the happy hour price for beer up to about 8pm (from what I recall) and it’s well worth a trip.  I will be back.