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Dieu du Ciel! All the rest…

Dieu du Ciel!  All the rest…

I tried an even 30 beers from Dieu du Ciel! last year, the vast majority of which were very good.  Unfortunately, I only found time to write about a few of them.  This is catch-up.

No. 117 – Disco Soleil

I tried a couple of bottles of this one day last April after a short hike somewhere north of Montreal – I didn’t write any notes.  I do recall, however that it was a refreshing and fruity beer with a taste that I didn’t quite recognise.  That would be the kumquat apparently.  I recommend this on a very warm day.  6/11

Nos. 173 & 174 – Blanche Van Plateau & Gospel Stout à l’Avoine

I tried these two last May the day after I got back from a week back home, at the end of a long day of drinking in a park.  It was a good day.  The Blanche van Plateau was a fine white but nothing special, a little like a blonde in fact and gets a 4/11.  The stout was better.  A very creamy head and strong hints of coffee – unsurprisingly.  Gospel was a fine stout but not outstanding unlike a few of their other stouts.  6/11

No. 298 – Corne du Diable

My notes are a little odd on this one, but if they’re correct then it is an interesting IPA.  It had a hoppy citrus aroma at first, which was followed up by a light hint of caramel, which would explain the darker colour.  The taste was equally interesting, quite malty with the bitterness only coming through in the aftertaste.  I will be trying this one again as I think it may be worth more than the mark I gave it.  6/5/11

No. 345 – Péché Termopilas

Oddly detailed notes for this one – so it must have been good and it was in a Dieu du Ciel! glass!  I happened upon this at Bar le Vestiaire at some point last summer.  The head was bubbly and remained until I had finished the beer.  There was a light hint of coffee in the aroma, which came through much more strongly in the taste.  There was an immediate bitter hit to this one at the front of the mouth and a warmth in the throat that made it feel a little like a scotch ale rather than a stout.  A solid and interesting beer.  I’d recommend trying it if you see it around!  8/11

No. 368 – Voyageur des Brumes

This is a nicely balanced red ale.  My notes are signed off with ‘could drink it all day.’  It’s a gorgeous deep toffee brown colour with a generously frothy head and an aroma to match.  The taste is a little light, but it has all that you would expect of a decent red ale.  If I reviewed it based on look and feel it would be an easy 8 but on taste, it’s 6/11.

No. 369 – Hérétique

This is a pretty cool beer.  Like the Dernière Volonté it has a hint of leather coming from the brettanomyces, which provide the funk.  It’s lively, very fizzy with a strong hint of mango and tropical fruits and fizzles nicely on the tongue.  It’s very refreshing and like a few of the other Dieu du Ciel! beers made me think of wine – thought this time it was more a feeling of a fizzed up sauvignon blanc.  This beer is well worth trying.  7/11

No. 382 – Petit Détour

I just have this one down as a good IPA with a cloudy appearance and a fizzy head that dissipates quickly.  The fact that I gave it a 7/11 seems to show how I’ve developed a taste for IPAs throughout the year.

No. 383 – Tamarindo

Apparently this is a gose beer, but it doesn’t completely feel like it.  So much so in fact, that I gave it a good mark.  The aroma just smells acidic and citrus to me but the taste is quite a surprise.  It’s a very light and drinkable beer with a malty creamy texture to it that made me think of a red wine.  Something about feeling tannins in a beer just makes me feel more sophisticated!  It does have quite an acidic feel on the tongue but it’s not too much.  An interesting and quite refreshing beer which is worth trying.  6.5/11

No. 389 – Route des Épices

I tried this at a party at my place at some point last Autumn.  I think that by this stage I had had a few other beers but this one still stood out.  This is a pretty standard dark beer with a peppery edge that creates and nice little warmth in the mouth which builds without ever becoming too much.  A nicely balanced effort.  5.5/11

No. 391 – Solstice d’Été

I gave this one a 5/11, but that was after trying several other beers at the aforementioned party at my place.  I can’t remember too much about this but according to my notes it was quite a good sour beer.  Not to sour a sour beer that is.  A lot of fizz with the bitterness of raspberries coming through a little in the flavour.  5/11

No. 399 – Rigor Mortis

A strong brown ale at 10.5% which does not overwhelm makes a pretty good beer.  This one looks good with a bubbly head and deep muddy brown colour.  Little hints of burnt toastyness and deep caramel in the aroma followed by a beautifully malty creamy texture.  It has a nice balance of malt and hops.  7/11

So that’s me finished with Dieu du Ciel! in 2017.  So far this year I’ve tried their Chemin de Croix – a review will follow once I’ve finished all of the other beers for 2017.  But in the meantime – go and try some Dieu du Ciel! beers!

Lightside/Darkside – Chambly Beer Festival, part one

Lightside/Darkside – Chambly Beer Festival, part one

It seems like a couple of months since I was strolling around Chambly tasting beers in the sun and indeed it was.  It has taken me almost two months to get around to writing up a few notes on the eleven beers I tried that day at the beer festival with memory fading, however a few of the beers really stood out…


No. 315 – Les 2 Frères Charles Henri Blanche
2017-09-02 - 315 - Les 2 Frères Charles Henri Blanche _500beers
It started with a blanche.  After having walked from a car park quite far from the site of the festival I was rather parched and so a light refreshing beer was in order.  This is a very bubbly white beer, with a strong fruity aroma and was the perfect starter. It is not as heavy as some white beers tend to be, as you can see in the picture it is a lighter more transparent colour. It is very refreshing and hints of citrus come through subtly in the flavour. Well worth a try – 7/11.

Nos. 316 and 319 – Le Trefle Noir El Sicimo and Z’Aleda (A link to the cask)

I chose Le Trefle Noir’s El Sicimo after the Charles Henri Blanche to take a step up in bitterness.  It was however a little disappointing.  It looks decent, and has a strong aroma – I got pineapple from it.  Taste-wise though it was a little overwhelmingly bitter and a little heavy in the throat afterwards.  It’s getting 3.5, which is difficult as the only other Trefle Noir beer to get such a low mark was their Gosebuster – which is a style of beer that I just don’t like that much.

While waiting for El Sicimo I noticed that Z’Aleda would be available at 3pm.  Being somewhat of a geek about A Link to the Past, I had to try this.  I regret that now.  It was actually a joint venture with Lagabière and Le Memphré if my notes do not deceive me.  The aroma is good, with a nice hint of pineapple.  The taste was unfortunately quite bland, a little hoppy but the promise of the aroma was sadly lacking.  2/11.

No. 320. Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Thorador
2017-09-02 - 320 - Brasseurs Illimités Simple Malt Thorador _500beers

Not too many notes on this one!  What I did write on the day…
‘Nice beer, it’s malty at first then the hops come through with a deep bitterness.  It’s somewhat layered – probably worth trying by the bottle.’  I gave it 5/11, I may revisit it in January when I do the beer-off.

Nos. 322 and 323 – Dieu du Ciel’s Immoralité and Genèse
2017-09-02 - Dieu du Ciel _500beers

I was looking forward to Dieu du Ciel as I was looking to pick up a glass but they didn’t have any for sale!

In any case, both these beers got a decent 5/11.

Immoralité was a nice imperial IPA with a fruity aroma and decent flavour, I didn’t think it was anything special though.  This is possibly another beer to revisit as I’ve taken to Imperial IPAs over the last two or so weeks.

Genèse is an apricot tripel.  It’s definitely tripel and it definitely has some apricot in the aroma but it didn’t come through to strongly in the taste.  Decent but I’m not sure I would bother to retry it.  My favourite apricot beer is the St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale.

So that’s the lightside of Chambly sorted, a really good white beer found and a couple of other decent 5/11s.  Unsurprisingly, if you’ve read anything I’ve written so far, the darkside gets better marks.  Next time, some porter, some black IPA, some dopplebock and a brown ale.


Nos. 176 – 181 – Vices & Versa

Nos. 176 – 181 – Vices & Versa

After having written about Birra, it makes sense to look at a few beers I tried in another bar in little Italy with a great selection of beers.  I tried these in early June, therefore I don’t have too much to write (a good thing from time to time), but I recall a couple of them being somewhat special…

No. 176 – Dieu du Ciel Gaélique

2017-06-07 - 176 - Dieu du Ciel Gaelique Cream Ale _500beers

It has become something of a ritual to start with a cream ale or a stout over the last few months.  This one in particular was a very good choice.  It is a finely balanced sweet fruity cream ale with an aftertaste that brought memories of drinking dandelion and burdock lemonade many, many years ago.  This therefore is not only a good beer but one that also evokes memories for me – indeed I recall at the time having to text my mum to ask what the drink my dad used to buy was as I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  It gets an 8/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, having something special, for drink-again-ability, recommend-ability and I would go out of my way for it, and go out in a snowstorm or a heat-wave.

No. 177 – Brasserie Dunham Berliner Mango Weisse

2017-06-07 - 177 - Dunham Berliner Mango Weisse _500beers

So that was a really good start, what could possibly go wrong?

I’m not generally a fan of sour beers in this style but over the course of the summer I’ve had one or two which have been good.  This one was not.  Maybe it was a bad pint – but it was overwhelmingly sour and finishing it was a chore.  I’m generously giving it 2.5/11 for accuracy, being different and for the fact that I would recommend it, to someone I don’t like.

No. 178 – Le Trou du Diable Maiden Shawi

2017-06-07 - 178 - Le Trou de Diable Maiden Shawi _500beers

And back to good beers again…

This is a pretty good brown ale of a standard I’ve come to expect from Le Trou du Diable recently, having tried several more of their beers at home.  It has a toasty aroma with caramel coming through strongly and this is reflected nicely in the flavour.  The picture doesn’t do it justice as it looks gorgeous too.  An easy 6/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, I’d drink it again, recommend it and I’d go out of my way for it.

No. 179 – Les 3 Mousquetaires Blonde Helles

2017-06-07 - 179 - Les 3 Mousquetaires Blonde Hellos _500beers

My notes for this and the next one total four words.  This one is a ‘fine blonde,’ and I’m going to leave it at that – 4/11.

No. 180 – Microbrasserie Charlevoix Kläss Lager

2017-06-07 - 180 - Microbrasserie Charlevois Klass _500beers

And this one is a ‘great lager.’

Lager seems to be difficult for north Americans to get right – either that or my European sensibilities were already warped before I got here.  In any case, I drank lager almost exclusively for seven or eight years and am still searching for a really good one that is worthy of being in my top twenty beers at the end of this year.  This one is so far one of the best.  I’m giving it 6.5/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability, I’d go out of my way for a pint or five and I’m giving it 0.5 for luck.

No. 181 – Pit Caribou La Gaspésienne Porter

2017-06-07 - 181 - Pit Caribou La Gaspésienne _500beers

I asked the server to surprise me with this one so it took me a while to figure out exactly what beer it was and from which microbrewery.  I’m pretty confident that this is the correct information, though the beer seems a little too stouty to be a porter.  It’s a very creamy, almost milky porter with a nice aftertaste.  From memory, it felt like a porter except for the head.  Maybe it’s one of those really good hybrids, the best of both worlds.  It gets a 7/11 for being good, accurate, worth the price, for drink-again-ability, recommend-ability, I’d go out of my way for it and I’d go out in a snowstorm for it.

So four really good beers out of six, a pretty good return for an evening out.  I’d recommend Vices & Versa, you could almost do a mini pub crawl on St. Laurent with it and Birra!

Birra, part 2

Birra, part 2

One beer last night turned into five.  Fortunately, there were a few good discoveries…

No. 308 – Dieu du Ciel Déesse Nocturne

2017-08-30 - 308 - Dieu du Ciel Déesse Nocturne _500beers

As you can tell by the picture, the head on this one was immense.  It was thick, like a roasted mousse – which is meant to sound like a good thing.  Taste-wise, this is the closest stout to Guinness that I have tasted from Dieu du Ciel, also a good thing.  There is more emphasis on roasted coffee in this and I found it maybe a little too rich.  It is however a fine stout.  It gets a solid 7/11 for being good, well worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.  It gets another two yeses for the fact that I would go out of my way for it and go out in a snowstorm.

No. 309 – Birra Camilla

2017-08-30 - 309 - Birra Camilla _500beers

This is a bitter blonde with an aroma that seems like a blonde ale and a taste that brings out peanuts.  I was surprised on tasting this to get a reasonably strong taste of peanuts, or at least peanut butter, which is something different.  It’s a refreshing blonde ale with a little extra bitterness and a unique twist.  This also gets a 7/11, I may be being generous here, but it had a certain je ne sais quoi.  It’s good, worth the price, accurate, a little different, I’d drink it again and recommend it and I would go out of my way for a pint of it.

No. 310 – Birra Dupont et Dupond Dubble

2017-08-30 - 310 - Birra Dupont et Dupond Dubble

This was the real treat of the night, a dubble with a deep rich sweetness.  I got a hint of berries in the aroma, which was very good.  The picture doesn’t really do the beer justice as I had to use the flash but it looks really good too.  It had a lovely texture, was easy to drink and quite refreshing.  I nice bittersweet aftertaste rounded off this delightful beer.  I’m giving it 7.5/11 as it was better than the previous two beers but I’m not sure that I would fight a bear for it.

No. 311 – La Succarsale Peach White

2017-08-30 - 311 - La Succarsale Peach White _500beers

This one looks peachy and the aroma is quite fruity with a little peach coming through.  It’s like a good white beer with a little peach twist in the taste.  It’s nicely balanced, kind of like drinking a fruit lollipop (or popsicle for north Americans I believe) and therefore somewhat refreshing.  It’s not to sweet or fruity either so I could easily have a few of these in a row in the right circumstances.  I’m giving it a 7/11 – it’s good, worth the price, accurate, a little different, I’d drink it again and recommend trying it and I may just go a little out of my way to try it again.

No. 312 – Birra Bob

2017-08-30 - 312 - Birra Bob _500beers

This was the final drink of the evening, which perhaps explains my lack of notes.  It’s an American Pale Ale, with a nice malty texture and a hoppy finish.  I don’t remember anything special about this, but it was a good APA.  A definite 5/11.

And so that is Birra.  I’ll maybe head back later in the year to check out there more Autumnal selection of beers.  But in between times, I’ll be catching up on writing up all of the other beers I’ve tried.

How to taste beer, sort of

How to taste beer, sort of

I’ve previously mentioned that I am no connoisseur of beer and that I do not wish to be. 


I watched a video on beer tasting and now I’m an expert.

I’m joking of course.  But I have become a little bit more interested in the tasting process and started to educate myself as a way to spot more differences in beers and to help me write about them and express myself better.  I’ve also learned some new words recently and found out how to play with colours in black and white pictures.  This all means that the posts from now on may be read a little better and also appear a little more varied.  Or not…

2017-08-20 - 292 - Dieu du Ciel Brise-Vent arty _500beers

No. 292 – Dieu du Ciel Brise-vent!

I didn’t know what to expect from this beer as I have no idea what sea buckthorn is.  So I continued in ignorance (that’s how I generally do things), and applied my new tasting methods.  This involves rather simply only pouring a couple of ounces into the glass, swirling it a lot to allow it to breathe and release the flavours, sniffing it a lot then drinking it slowly.  It’s not much but it seems to have made a difference as I found a lot more in this beer than I have with many others.  That could just of course be the magic of sea buckthorn.

2017-08-20 - 292 - Dieu du Ciel Brise-Vent poured _500beers

It’s a cloudy yellow colour with a bubbly fizzy head, as you can see, and on the nose, after extensive sniffing I got that it was sour.  Seriously, after all the build up, after watching serious people tasting beers and getting so much from the aroma alone, I got one word.  Though, I have had the cold, so that’s maybe somewhat forgivable.

Fortunately, on tasting I was able to glean a lot more from this beer.  It had a little sourness in it and was quite refreshing on first taste.  It felt more like a wine however.  The first thing I noticed was tannins hitting the back of my mouth like a red wine.  I haven’t noticed this in a beer before.  I then began to notice that the initial hit felt very much like a white wine.  I could feel the grapey-ness of a sauvignon blanc (something I am familiar with).  There was an acidity in this beer that also distinctly felt like a wine.  From the aroma, I had been expecting a berliner weisse style beer – a sort that I don’t really like, but from the taste I got a wine hybrid.

2017-08-20 - 292 - Dieu du Ciel Brise-Vent desc. _500beers

On googling sea buckthorn I saw that tannins are indeed present in sea buckthorn oil which possibly explains where I got that from, but the sense of drinking a white wine still bemuses me.  I’ll have to track down another beer made with sea buckthorn to compare.

This gets 7/11 for being good, for the price, for accuracy (the French description above does mention tannins and dryness), for having something different, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability and for the fact that I would go out of my way to try this again.

Something tells me this would go well with something spicy, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese perhaps.

This beer was an experience, which was exactly the point of trying 500 different beers in a year.

3 more from Dieu du Ciel

3 more from Dieu du Ciel

In July, I decided to start economising a little while keeping up the drinking challenge, so I ended up buying a lot of individual bottles from Dieu du Ciel at roughly $2.50 each.  Here are a few more…

No. 215 – Équinoxe du Printemps

This is a real treat.  It looks great, a lovely deep red/brown colour when poured with a creamy light brown head.  I didn’t think that the aroma was that impressive, just like a regular scotch ale, however, to taste this was excellent.  It’s a little creamy but full-bodied and the taste of maple comes through very nicely.  It is warm and a little sweet on the tongue and the warmth of the aftertaste remains for a long time like any good scotch ale.  This one’s getting 10/11 – it’s good, very good in fact, it’s definitely worth the price, it has an accurate description and the perfect balance of maple and scotch ale added that little something different.  I will definitely drink it again and I would recommend it.  I would fight a bear a block or two out of my way for this beer, which is worth Yeses (check out the ratings here)

No. 219 – Pénombre

This is a black IPA – a type of beer I’d never heard of but am growing fonder of as the year goes on.  The beer smells like an IPA, very hoppy but not fruity.  Instead, on tasting there are hints of light chocolate and more of a porter type feel to the beer.  It has a nice balance between hoppyness and bitterness and is definitely worth trying.  It gets 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability, recommend-ability and for the fact that I would go out of my way to pick up a bottle.

No. 266 – Isseki Nicho

This imperial stout looks great, see how frothy and coffee-like the head is in the picture above.  I actually tried this one with some espresso biscuits and they matched very nicely indeed.  Other than the strong coffee aroma and taste, there was nothing extra special about this one.  It’s difficult to describe considering that I’ve tasted so many strong coffee-like stouts, but this one seemed to be missing something.  Maybe it was because it looked so good on pouring and it didn’t live up to the anticipation.  In any case, it’s another 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability, recommend-ability and one for the appearance (it’s a little unique).

Another three good beers from Dieu du Ciel, more to come soon.


Nos. 230 – 232 – The pursuit of hoppyness – 3 from Dieu du Ciel

Nos. 230 – 232 – The pursuit of hoppyness – 3 from Dieu du Ciel

And so, playing catch up with the posts begins. 

I’ve had 19 beers from Dieu du Ciel, with two more in the fridge but I’ve only written about nine.  The majority of them have been stouts or scotch ales, but here are three decent lighter beers…

No. 230 – Saison du Parc

I was going to write about this one on its own and call it the pursuit of hoppyness, hence the title.  However, I found quite a few results on google for this so perhaps it’s not so original.  In any case, this is a hopped up seasonal ale with a very frothy head and strong yellow colour.  It smells strongly of hops and tastes strongly of hops, unsurprisingly.  I got a hint of lemon in this one, but the taste seemed to be overwhelmed a little by the hoppyness.  It gets 4/11 for not being bad, for the price, for the description and for recommend-ability.  If you like hoppy lighter beers, give this a go.

No. 231 – Sentinelle

Not too much to say about this one but it was surprisingly good.  It really reminded me of drinking a lager back home, which seems to fall in line with the description – malty with a little hoppy bitterness.  It was refreshing and would be a good match for drinking in the park with some food, unlike the Saison du Parc.  It gets a good 5/11, for being good, for the price, for the description for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.

No. 232 – P’tit Blanc

Easily the best of the three beers here.  A light wheat beer with added juniper berries and lime.  The aroma is very pleasing, very fruity, what I assume to be juniper coming through well.  To taste, it is very refreshing and the taste remains in the mouth for a long time.  There is a delicious sting of bitterness in the taste, which again, I assume comes from the juniper and lime.  Very nice indeed and a decent 6/11 – for being good, for the price, for the description, for having something a little different, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.

The next three beers I post about will be Équinox du Printemps, Pénombre and Isseki Nicho – a scotch ale, a black IPA and an imperial stout.  One of these is a contender for the best beer so far…

Nos. 257 and 258 – The C-word(s)

Nos. 257 and 258 – The C-word(s)

I have had a lot of stout this year and there are only so many ways to describe how coffee-like or chocolatey a stout is, so here are two quick reviews that do not contain either c-word…

No. 257 – Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel

This poured very nicely, with a lovely dark head forming slowly as it would if poured in a bar.  The aroma was particularly strong, reminding me more of dark cocoa based treats, in particular Matchmakers (this may be an obscure British reference, but this beer smelled like the orange type of Matchmaker).  It didn’t make me think as much of my favourite alternative to tea as the description would have suggested, but there were hints there.

To taste, it was fine, possibly served a little too cold but still fine.  The taste hits immediately, and resembles the aroma.  In fact, it is almost a little overwhelming (if it’s possible to be ‘a little overwhelming’).  There is a little aftertaste but it doesn’t have the warmth of the majority of other stouts I’ve tried so far.

It still gets a solid 7/11 for being good, worth the price, pretty accurate, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability, for go-out-of-your-way-ness and for going out in a snowstorm.

No. 258 – Dieu du Ciel Grande Noirceur

This looks glorious when poured but is a bit of a let down afterwards.  It’s also possible that drinking a couple of strong beers in a row affected my tasting abilities however.

It pours similarly to the Péché Mortel but the aroma is a lot weaker and seems just like an average stout.  The taste is better.  It coats the mouth nicely with a warm and well balanced stout hinting at that stuff that Aero bars are made from.  There is also a nice little hint of caramel and a suggestion of a scotch ale there, but it’s very subtle.

This gets a 6/11 for being good, ok for the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability and for the fact that I may just go out of my way for it.

So, it’s impossible to write about a good stout without using a few c-words but at least I avoided the main two this time.  My next challenge is to review a beer or two using words I’ve never used in any review to date…


Nos. 222 – 226 – Parklife, kind of

Nos. 222 – 226 – Parklife, kind of

What could be better than sitting in a park on a warm changeable day with a few beers?  Why, sitting opposite a park watching people in the park while having a few beers, of course.  The picture above is not representative of the park, it’s something I took a while ago and liked…

Nos. 222 and 223 – Mad Jack’s Extra Strong Apple Lager and Apple Lager

After a long debate on whether or not these count as beers, I decided that they do.  They are apple flavoured lagers not cider made from apples – not a patch on Unibroue’s Éphémère Apple however.  These felt like lemonade or like fizzy cocktails rather than beer but with the heartburn of a good cider as a side effect.  They’re not bad, refreshing perhaps and recommendable to people who like cider or lemonade.  They’re both getting 3/11 and that’s that – I will probably try some other varieties to fill out the numbers later in the year.

No 224 – Dieu du Ciel’s Ultra Mosaika

2017-07-08 - 224 - Dieu du Ciel Ultra Mosaika _500beers

Nice label for a good beer.  It has a hoppy somewhat fruity aroma and the taste hits immediately.  It’s frothy, light and refreshing with hints of orange.  It’s good, it’s worth the price, it’s accurate, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it for hops lovers. 5/11

No. 225 – Dieu du Ciel’s Solstice d’Hiver

2017-07-08 - 225 - Dieu du Ciel Solstice d'Hiver _500beers

The highlight of the day – a barley wine type ale with a strong aroma of caramel, noticeable from a distance.  To drink, it was quite light for a 10% beer.  It is smooth and well balanced and has a hint of sweetness that hits the back of the mouth and stays there for a while afterward.  Maybe not ideal for a Summer’s day, but would be perfect mid-January in the middle of a snowstorm.  It’s good, it’s worth the price, it’s accurate, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it.  I would also go out of my way and go out in a snowstorm for it.  A strong 8/11.

No. 226 – Unibroue’s Don de Dieu

2017-07-08 - 226 - Unibroue Don de Dieu _500beers

The final beer of the day, which somehow wasn’t too heavily influenced by the fact that I’d had several beers before.  I drank this while it was warm, too warm in fact, but the taste was fine, easy to drink and didn’t have too much of an edge for a strong beer.  It didn’t however have anything special about it.  5/11


La chaleur du cuir – no. 126 Dernière volonté

A translation of one of my ramblings done by a friend…

Et, un gros merci.

Entre les lignes - portfolio

Version originale : The Warmth of Leather – no. 126 Dernière volonté, par Simon Brown (Swimming in Beer ©2017)


Un Nord-Irlandais ayant déposé ses valises à Montréal il y a de cela quelques années déjà s’est un beau jour donné pour défi de tester autant de bières différentes que possible et d’en tenir le compte dans un carnet personnel… C’était avant que l’idée de créer un blogue lui vienne à l’esprit et l’invite à mettre sa plume au service de ce défi qu’il s’était donné, sans prétention aucune, et avec une belle touche d’humour bien à lui. En blogueur tout ce qu’il y a de plus prolifique, et en grand amateur de broue, l’auteur compte à son actif 218 découvertes à l’heure où je rédige ces lignes, des bières provenant pour la plupart de microbrasseries d’ici, comme quoi la variété ne manque pas en terre…

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