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No. 113 – Mill St. Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout


No. 113 – Cobblestone Stout

So far I haven’t had a bad stout, with the average mark being six out of eleven.  This means one of two things – either stout is easy to make, or I’ve being drinking the wrong beers for the last sixteen plus years.  And so, we move onto Mill St. Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout.  I bought a tin of this at my dépanneur for £4.00 at the weekend and have been looking forward to tasting it ever since. 

2017-04-12 - 113 - Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout poured _500beers
Oddly, this was a pleasure to pour and watching it settle was somewhat mesmerising.  It looks really good and it tastes pretty good too.  It’s very similar to a good pint of Guinness but cheaper.  Looking at the description, which is below, I would agree that this is a stout lover’s stout.  The taste in itself is nothing uniquely different, it’s just smooth.  I’d like to and may do a stout evening in the near future to see if I can tell these stouts apart in a blind tasting.  A Stout-Off, if you will.

2017-04-12 - 113 - Mill St. Brewery Cobblestone Stout desc. _500beers

So, to the scoring…
Yes, it’s good.  Yes, for the price it’s a steal, though I’ll maybe also do a price comparison post at some point.  Yes, I’d drink it again and Yes, I’d recommend it.  It gets another Yes for having an accurate description and a final Yes for going out of my way to buy it – fortunately it’s actually on my way.  So a pretty good 6/11 and a few questions raised about re-tasting and comparing the various stouts I’ve tried so far.

Next up is Beau’s tour of the age of the Dinosaurs!