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Montreal 375

No. 265 – Brasseurs du Monde’s Célébrante 375

I hear that the city of Montreal have spent, or will have spent about a billion dollars* on Montreal’s birthday celebrations by the end of the year.  I’ve spent $4.99. Of this, 25 cents will go to helping immigrants and refugees as Brasseurs du Monde are donating a little from each sale to PROMIS.  That’s a nice touch considering the history of immigrants in Montreal.

I should have maybe kept this beer for a while so that my 375th beer would have 375 in it’s name, fortunately there are other beers along the same theme so I’ll try to remember as the numbers tick by…

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 image _500beers

Apparently this is a strong ale with champagne yeast, that may explain the way the head disappeared so quickly.  As promised by the description, there are light hints of citrus in the aroma and it gives a golden orange glow in the sun.

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 poured _500beers

For a beer at 7%, it tasted surprisingly light and didn’t last too long.  It tastes like a decent blond ale, with some hints of orange coming through nicely.  Not too heavy for those who likes light beers and not to light for those who prefer good beer!

2017-07-31 - 265 - Brasseurs du Monde Célébrante 375 desc. _500beers

It’s getting a 6/11.  It is good, accurate, worth the price and I would recommend it, drink it again and possibly go out of my way to pick up a bottle.

*feel free to google this, I got the figure from CBC, or CTV