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Colour Me Drunk, Chalet Weekend Part 2, Nos. 79 – 86

Colour Me Drunk, (Chalet Weekend Part 2)…

And so, about fifty days later, I finally get around to summing up the beers that I tried at a chalet weekend in March…

From the Friday night, I remember tasting beers, karaoke and colouring with Colour Me Drunk.  I recall a sense of achievement whilst colouring and an undeserved sense of being actually quite good.  The red drawing underneath is my work after several beers.

2017-03-10 - drunky _chalet

Numbers 79 to 82 were all tasted on this rather blurry Friday night.  My notes are quite frankly bizarre but my vague recollections are that there was nothing special, at least nothing that would get an eight or a nine.  I may have to do a re-tasting at some point in the future.

Numbers 83 to 86 were all tasted on a rather slow Saturday and the reviews are somewhat more reliable.  I had one of my personal choices left and then started on an Belle Gueule selection pack. 

No. 79 – Floreale from Brasserie Générale

This is a very frothy white beer from Brasserie Générale that I picked up from my local Métro.  I like the design of this one, in fact, I like the designs on all of their products and will definitely be trying them in the future, particularly their Hanami (cherry white beer).  This was quite a good beer with a hint of orange but nothing special.  It gets a Yes therefore for being good and a Yes for matching up to it’s description.  The price was good too so that’s another YesYes I would try it again and Yes I would recommend it to anyone willing to try different whites.  So a decent but not special 5/11.

No. 80 – La Candide from Microbrasserie le BockAle

2017-03-10 - 81 - Le BockAle Candide _chalet _500beers

Having already tasted and given a pretty good 7/11 to one of Microbrasserie le BockAle’s beers (L’Euphorique), I was looking forward to this.  It’s just a shame that I can’t really remember too much about it.  It’s a blond pale ale that from my notes tasted fine, without anything special to it.  Perhaps my taste buds were dulled by this point in the evening (whichever point in the evening it was) but I don’t remember anything interesting about this or the next two beers.  It gets the same five Yeses as the Floréale. 5/11

No. 81 – Fana from Microbrasserie le BockAle

2017-03-11 - 82 - Le BockAle Fana poured _chalet _500beers

A lightly smoky IPA by all accounts.  Two things that I tend to avoid as much as possible but I don’t recall being put off drinking this at the time by the taste.  More importantly, I don’t recall an overwhelming taste of smoke in my mouth the morning after.  And that is where my less than comprehensive notes end.  This also gets the same 5/11 as the Floréale and La Candide.

No. 82 – Mr Brown from Avant Garde Artisans Brasseurs

2017-03-10 - 80 - Mr Brown poured _chalet _500beers

I picked this solely for the name.  I am after all Mr. Brown.  It is funnily enough a brown ale with quite a muddy colour to it but I think it tasted fine despite seeming a little flat.  I have a note about nuts followed by the question ‘do squirrels prefer nut brown ale?’  In my notes I gave it a five like all of the other beers above, however I’m going to give it an extra Yes as I did go out of my way to find it and I’m sure that I will do so again.  So this one gets a 6/11.

No. 83 – Flacatoune from Microbrasserie Charlevoix

This was the first beer tasted on the Saturday, after recovery from the Friday.  This was chosen as I had no clue what the name meant and after consulting a Quebecor and some French people I am still none the wiser.  It’s a stronger blond beer that didn’t taste that strong.  That’s the trick though.  I found this really easy to drink and got through it pretty quickly.  It gets the standard five Yeses but didn’t have anything extra to it to get it into the realm of the very good beers.  5/11

Nos. 84 to  86 –  Belle Gueule Rousse, Lager d’Hiver and Houblon

Over the past week or two I’ve started buying more selection packs in order to save money and try a few new beers without having to put too much effort in.  I have however, noticed that beers such as IPAs, Lagers, Blonds and Whites all taste similar when consumed this way.  Maybe it’s the bottles, maybe it’s drinking too much in a short space of time or maybe they’re just more bland beers.  I noticed this with Belle Gueule, the Houblon and the Lager d’Hiver at least, both of which get the same 5/11 as the beers above.

Their Rousse, unfortunately, is not very Rousse – it gets a Yes for price, a Yes for the description and a half a Yes for being good and ‘would I drink it again’ each.  For the price it’s reasonable and I can’t say outright that it is bad but I still found it a little tasteless for a red ale.  I very much like red ales so a tasteless one is always going to annoy me.  3/11

Lessons learned from the chalet…
It is difficult to taste and accurately evaluate anywhere above three different beers in one evening.
Pictures should be taken in advance when sober.
Auto correct needs to be turned off.
I am artist.