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Nos. 191 – 193 – Mill St. Brewery’s Autumn Selection

Nos. 191 – 193 – Mill St. Brewery’s Autumn Selection

I stumbled across this selection pack at my local dépanneur on Thursday in need of something refreshing to take my mind of the irritating heat of Summer…

191 – Oktoberfest Style Lager

Decent lager, but nothing special.  It’s good, worth the price, accurate and I’d drink it again.  I’d recommend it, which brings it up to the standard 5/11 mark.  It’s noteworthy that so far, few lagers have stood out and got the extra few marks to make them special beers.

192 – Nightmare Pumpkin Ale

This is the highlight from this pack.  There is a hint of pumpkin in the taste, but it is not very strong.  I like subtle flavours that aren’t overpowering.  I also got a hint of sweetness that made me think of cinnamon in the aftertaste which was quite pleasant.  It’s good, worth the price, accurate, a little different, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it.  I will reconsider it when I try over pumpkin beers.  6/11

193 – Tankenstein IPA

Hoppy aroma that doesn’t come through to heavily in the taste.  This to me is a good thing.  I didn’t take too many notes on this one, just simply wrote ‘quite a good beer, possibly 5.5.’  It’s good, worth the price, I’d drink it again and recommend it and it is accurate.  I’m giving it the extra 0.5 as it is slightly better than a lot of the 5/11s I’ve had so far (they’re my rules!).  5.5/11

2017-06-15 - 191 - 193 Mill St. Brewery Autumn Selection Desc._500beers

A decent selection indeed, falling short of the previous Mill St. Brewery beers I’ve tasted so far but still decent for the price.