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No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune

No. 70 – L’Elfe Brune from Domaine Berthiaume

Sixty-four days into the challenge and I’m on my seventieth different beer, ahead of schedule for 365 beers in a year, but well behind for 500… 


As the name suggests, this is a brown ale and this is quickly becoming my favourite type of beer.  I remember trying a couple of brown ales at Brutopia in 2008 after I moved to Montreal for a working holiday and being amazed.  Up to that point beer had been lager such as Harp or Carlsberg and on rare occasions Kronenbourg.  I do not know why I didn’t start drinking brown ales again when I moved back to Montreal in 2013, but I regret it now.  Anyway, to the scoring!

Was this beer good?  Yes it was – quite light, a little sweet with a subtle aftertaste of chocolate.  So, Yes I would drink it again and Yes I would recommend it to a friend.  The price also gets a Yes.  This was about $5 from my local Métro.  The description (picture below) mentions a hint of fruit/chocolate so it’s getting another Yes for that.  I’m giving it a no for the taste being interesting or at least different because, although it was good and had a subtle aftertaste that I liked – it wasn’t different enough from other brown ales I’ve had.

I’d go an extra block or two out of my way for this as it’s the best brown ale I’ve found near where I live so far, so that’s a Yes.  But I think that six out of eleven is fair enough for this.






I was going to be witty and write a few lines celebrating my sixty-ninth different beer this year filled with innuendo, but it was too hard… 

Here’s a description and a few pictures instead.


Food shopping has lately turned into standing at the beer section and deciding which of the many beers to take home with me.  I’m at the stage where I’m picking them based on the pictures on the bottle and this one attracted me for some reason.

One of the nice things about trying different beers and then writing about them is the research involved.  As mentioned before, I’m no connoisseur of beers (nor am I a writer, or even someone who checks their spelling for that matter), but I’ve found it interesting looking into the various microbreweries located around Quebec.  I’m happy to have found several beers from Domaine Berthiaume.

Their L’Eau Claire is a fine blond ale with a slight hint of fruit in the flavour.  This hint of orange gives the beer an interesting aftertaste but it’s quite subtle all the same.

And so to the score…

Firstly, this beer was good, as loose a term as that is and I would definitely drink it again and recommend it to a friend.  So that’s  Yes, Yes and Yes so far.

The price from my local Métro was reasonable, about $5 from what I recall so I’d give that a Yes.  The name and description were accurate.  In fact, the description helped me figure out exactly what that aftertaste was so that’s definitely a Yes.


So now to the tricky part – just how good was the beer?  I would quite happily walk the extra block on the way home from work to grab a bottle.  So that’s one Yes.  However, I think that would be it.  I can’t imagine putting on layers, a scarf and a hat to go and search for one.  I’d definitely not fight a bear for it.  Having said that my last three questions are really there to separate good beers from great beers.

This is definitely a pretty good beer, but not great.


More to follow from Domaine Berthiaume next time.



Le Reservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

Le Réservoir, Nos. 65 – 68

About two years ago I started going to a meetup group tour of local microbreweries in Montreal.  The general idea being to meet new people and try a few new beers.  I’d recommend this to anyone who moves to Montreal, who likes beer and who likes socialising.  This also turns out to be extremely useful if you are trying to drink 500 different types of beer in one year.

Yesterday, I went to le Réservoir in the plateau to try out a few new beers and the craic was good as we say…

No. 65 – Noire à l’Avoine2017-02-28-65-noire-a-lavoine-le-reservoir-_500beers

Oatmeal stout, which is a little heavier than a regular stout.  It has a hint of sweetness to it that makes it a little different from most other stouts I’ve tried so far.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes (happy hour!)
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes

This is a pretty good beer, but only got 5 because it isn’t that unique and I don’t think that it would spring to mind if I were in the mind for the black stuff.


No. 66 – Brown Ale

I like this.  A sweet and reasonably light ale that just got better with each gulp.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes
Would I walk a few blocks extra for it?  Yes
Would I go out in a snowstorm for it?  Yes

I really like this one in fact.  I think that I could drink it all day and will definitely make my way to le Réservoir when I’m in the area for it.


No. 67 – Saison Ambrée

I’ve been trying to find information on this one online but can’t see too much.  It’s a wheat ale I believe, though I’m happy to be corrected on that.  Like the Brown Ale it was also light and easy to drink with a certain sweetness.

Was it good?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes (it’s quite ambrée)
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Would I recommend it? Yes

This was fine, not great but I would drink it again and would suggest that others give it a go.


No. 68 – Weizen

A white beer, served without an oversized slice of orange, which is curiously refreshing.  Unfortunately it was a little plain, but was also light and easy to drink like the previous two beers – something of a trademark for le Reservoir perhaps.

Was it good?  Yes
Would I drink it again?  Yes
Worth the price?  Yes
Accurate description?  Yes

Like the Saison Ambrée this was ok, if I was there and in the mood for a white beer, I’d go for it again but as for recommending it or going out of my way to drink it, I wouldn’t.


I really liked this bar, with the exception of the Noire à l’Avoine, the beers were all light and had a little sweetness to them.  Add to this the happy hour price for beer up to about 8pm (from what I recall) and it’s well worth a trip.  I will be back.

When I’m Sixty-Four

When I’m Sixty-Four

Taking my queue from George Lucas, I’m starting my story with a four. Sixty-four to be precise, as since 1st January I have tried sixty-four different beers. Unfortunately, I haven’t written about the previous sixty-three yet, but I’ll fill that in over the next month or so and hopefully it will be more interesting than the Star Wars prequels…

No. 64 – L’Euphorique, Irish Red Ale
Microbrasserie Le BockAle


I found this and several others from Le BockAle at my local supermarket and having just started to organise a St Patrick’s Day pub crawl couldn’t resist a bottle with a shamrock on it.  On first taste, I thought ‘No!’ and swore, however it got better.

Was it good?
Yes, I like red ales and this one grew on me quickly.  It didn’t taste too bitter and left a kind of sweetness in the mouth that was a bit unusual in a good way.  It is also quite smooth and somewhat easy to drink.  So it gets a Yes for ‘was the taste interesting or different?’ too.  A third Yes for the name and description being accurate and a forth Yes for the price, I got it for $5.79, which I think is fine.  A further two Yeses for ‘would I drink it again?’ and ‘would I recommend it to a friend?’

Was it really good?
I would walk an extra couple of blocks to pick up a bottle I think, so a Yes there.  However, a snowstorm would deter me and if a bear had one, I’d let him be.

So 7/11 it is.
If you like red ales give it a go, Cheers!

For those who like the technical stuff, or just like French…


The ratings explained

The ratings explained

I am by no means a connoisseur of beer, nor do I wish to be.  However, when I started trying the ‘drink different beers’ challenge I naturally started to give them each a rating while noting down their names and the place I bought them.

I cannot remember why I went for a mark out of ten at first.  I started quite strong, which unfortunately means that the early days are somewhat of a blur and some of the writing illegible.  I think I made the right choice though,  a mark out of five seems simple and anything higher than ten too complicated. 

As taste is very much down to the individual, and as I am useless at describing flavours the rating system has now been turned into a series of questions, and these go up to eleven. 

Was it good?
Was the taste interesting or at least different?
Was the name or description accurate?
Was it worth the price?
Would I drink it again?
Would I recommend it to a friend?
Would I walk an extra block or ten for it?
Would I go out in a snowstorm or a heatwave for it?
Would I fight a bear for it?*
Would I fight a bear in a snowstorm for it?
Would I fight a bear in a snowstorm a few blocks out of my way for it?

Each Yes is worth one mark and each No is worth nothing.

*A big one, like a grizzly bear – the photo is an old one, Toronto April 2008, and the bear was not hurt.

@CN Tower - Bear