Nos. 222 – 226 – Parklife, kind of

Nos. 222 – 226 – Parklife, kind of

What could be better than sitting in a park on a warm changeable day with a few beers?  Why, sitting opposite a park watching people in the park while having a few beers, of course.  The picture above is not representative of the park, it’s something I took a while ago and liked…

Nos. 222 and 223 – Mad Jack’s Extra Strong Apple Lager and Apple Lager

After a long debate on whether or not these count as beers, I decided that they do.  They are apple flavoured lagers not cider made from apples – not a patch on Unibroue’s Éphémère Apple however.  These felt like lemonade or like fizzy cocktails rather than beer but with the heartburn of a good cider as a side effect.  They’re not bad, refreshing perhaps and recommendable to people who like cider or lemonade.  They’re both getting 3/11 and that’s that – I will probably try some other varieties to fill out the numbers later in the year.

No 224 – Dieu du Ciel’s Ultra Mosaika

2017-07-08 - 224 - Dieu du Ciel Ultra Mosaika _500beers

Nice label for a good beer.  It has a hoppy somewhat fruity aroma and the taste hits immediately.  It’s frothy, light and refreshing with hints of orange.  It’s good, it’s worth the price, it’s accurate, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it for hops lovers. 5/11

No. 225 – Dieu du Ciel’s Solstice d’Hiver

2017-07-08 - 225 - Dieu du Ciel Solstice d'Hiver _500beers

The highlight of the day – a barley wine type ale with a strong aroma of caramel, noticeable from a distance.  To drink, it was quite light for a 10% beer.  It is smooth and well balanced and has a hint of sweetness that hits the back of the mouth and stays there for a while afterward.  Maybe not ideal for a Summer’s day, but would be perfect mid-January in the middle of a snowstorm.  It’s good, it’s worth the price, it’s accurate, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it.  I would also go out of my way and go out in a snowstorm for it.  A strong 8/11.

No. 226 – Unibroue’s Don de Dieu

2017-07-08 - 226 - Unibroue Don de Dieu _500beers

The final beer of the day, which somehow wasn’t too heavily influenced by the fact that I’d had several beers before.  I drank this while it was warm, too warm in fact, but the taste was fine, easy to drink and didn’t have too much of an edge for a strong beer.  It didn’t however have anything special about it.  5/11



No. 214 – Brasseurs du Monde’s L’Écurieux

No. 214 – Brasseurs du Monde’s L’Écurieux

I see what they’ve done with this one – nuts and squirrels and there’s a nice play on words in French too.  I like things that make me feel smart…

The only nut brown ale that I had previously tried was Brutopia’s many years ago.  Indeed, it was one of those beers that got me away from lager, which in retrospect was a great thing.

This one may be better, though I still have to have Brutopia’s nut brown ale this year.  It’s a very deep brown colour as you would expect and the aroma is a little sweet and brings out roasted nuts, a hint of chocolate and some caramel.  It feels somewhat light, and seems to hit the back of the mouth more, with a nice bitter flavour coming through in the aftertaste.  The sweetness promised by the aroma is not as apparent but for a nut brown ale, I would want it to be.


It gets 7/11 for being good, for the price (2 for $7), for the description, for drink-again-ability and recommend-ability.  I would also go out of my way for this and maybe even out in a snowstorm or a heat wave, depending on the season.

La chaleur du cuir – no. 126 Dernière volonté

A translation of one of my ramblings done by a friend…

Et, un gros merci.

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Version originale : The Warmth of Leather – no. 126 Dernière volonté, par Simon Brown (Swimming in Beer ©2017)


Un Nord-Irlandais ayant déposé ses valises à Montréal il y a de cela quelques années déjà s’est un beau jour donné pour défi de tester autant de bières différentes que possible et d’en tenir le compte dans un carnet personnel… C’était avant que l’idée de créer un blogue lui vienne à l’esprit et l’invite à mettre sa plume au service de ce défi qu’il s’était donné, sans prétention aucune, et avec une belle touche d’humour bien à lui. En blogueur tout ce qu’il y a de plus prolifique, et en grand amateur de broue, l’auteur compte à son actif 218 découvertes à l’heure où je rédige ces lignes, des bières provenant pour la plupart de microbrasseries d’ici, comme quoi la variété ne manque pas en terre…

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Nos. 216 – 218 – Brasserie Harricana

Nos. 216 – 218 – Brasserie Harricana

This bar is one that I have visited a few times and gotten quite drunk at on each occasion, this time I went with the express purpose of enjoying the taste of the beer.  I picked three cheaper beers to pass the night and the results are below.  I did, however have a sip of a beer that was on a level above these towards the end of the evening, which is annoying…

From left to right, No. 216 – Cream Ale, 217 – Best Bitter and 218 – Pale Ale

No. 216 – Cream Ale

The head makes this look like a promising cream ale, however the glowing golden colour of the body suggests otherwise.  Indeed, the creamy head was nice but the ale itself was a little bland, there were mild hints of a good cream ale in there but overall it just made me think of a flat lager, with a little creaminess to the texture.  It gets a 2.5/11, that’s 0.5 of a yes for being drinkable at least, 0.5 for the description, 0.5 for recommend-ability (for somebody wanting a very light cream ale, this may be ideal and a complete Yes for the price.  I wasn’t annoyed that I’d about $5 (including tip), just disappointed.

No. 217 – Best Bitter

I’m bitter because this was not the best.  An English style red ale.  It had a nice toasty aroma and a bright amber colour, so again as with the cream ale it looked good but suggested that it may not be exactly what it says.  It didn’t have a strong taste, however there were hints of caramel and a little creaminess that made it nice to drink.  It gets 4/11 being a Yes each for not being bad, for the price, for the description and half a Yes for drink-again-ability and recommend-ability.  

No. 218 – Pale Ale

This was the best beer of the night, I simply wrote that it looks like a pale ale, smells like a pale ale and tastes like a pale ale.  It therefore gets a 4/11, for the same points as the Best Bitter.

I will revisit Brasserie Harricana, very soon…

No. 213 – Dieu du Ciel Blanche du Paradis

No. 213 – Dieu du Ciel Blanche du Paradis

Yesterday (Yïssterday, if you will), I tried a pretty decent IPA and a passion fruit IPA as a cool down from drumming.  I followed this up in the evening with a white beer…

2017-07-02 - 213 - Dieu du Ciel Blanche du Paradis bottle _500beers

A strong orangey aroma was evident even just on opening the bottle.  The head disappeared quickly leaving a cloudy and let’s say full-bodied white beer behind.  It has a light fizz on the tip of the tongue providing an instance hit of orange which is great.  It had a hint of something burnt as well, that I’ve noticed with many other beers but never been able to describe well – apparently that’s the hint of toasted bread (see the description below).  It’s somewhat heavy to drink, but not too much so.  It makes me think of the texture of a porter with the aroma and taste of a white.  This is a good thing.  As a good white, it is of course refreshing and I would definitely drink this again as the irritatingly warm summer days go on.

Yes, it’s good.  Yes, it’s worth the price.  Yes, it’s accurate.  Yes, I’d drink it again.  Yes, I’d recommend it.  Yes, I’d go out of my way for it and Yes, I would go out in a heat wave for it.  A strong 7/11.

Nos. 211 – 212 – L’Hérmite’s Smash IPA Africaine and Le Trefle Noir’s Elle et Louis

Nos. 211 – 212 – L’Hérmite’s Smash IPA Africain and Le Trefle Noir’s Elle et Louis

After playing the drums for about two hours in a small, very hot room with no fan, I decided to stop off at Yïsst for a beer to cool down before moving on to find a beer shop that I had recently discovered online…

2017-07-02 - Yïsst logo 1 _500beers

No. 211 – L’Hérmite Smash IPA Africain

I asked for l’Hérmite after having seen a white beer on the menu on the wall. Little did I realise that there were two different beers from this brewery. Upon wondering why the white beer would be so hoppy I checked the menu again and then arrived at the conclusion that I had been given the other beer. This was not a bad thing though as this was a decent beer that hit the spot anyway.

2017-07-02 - 211 - L'Hérmite Smash IPA Africaine _500beers

Curiously, the aroma made me think of pineapple and more specifically pineapple lollipops, so I was more surprised when the taste was so hoppy. The initial fruity aroma did not come through much in the taste but it was still somewhat evident making this a decent beer. It gets a 5/11 for being good, accurate (eventually), for the price, for drink-again-ability and for recommend-ability.

No. 212 – Le Trefle Noir Elle et Louis

Whilst having one beer to cool down, I spotted a Trefle Noir beer in the menu so I decided it was worth giving it a try as I’d never seen them on draft before.  This is apparently by Le Trefle Noir and Elle et Louis.  This is a passion fruit IPA and it has a strong passion fruit aroma with a milder taste. It’s quite a full-bodied beer for an IPA, and has a very nice bitter-sweet thing going on. I wonder what it would be like bottled…

2017-07-02 - 212 - Le Trefle Noir Passion Fruit Pale Ale _500beers

It’s good, it was worth the price, it was accurate, I’d drink it again, I’d recommend it and I’m giving it 0.5 of a yes for having something different and 0.5 for going out of my way for it (I can’t give it more than six yeses but it does tick off a lot of the boxes). So 6/11 it is.

No. 210 – Dieu du Ciel Moralité

No. 210 –  Dieu du Ciel Moralité

I’m definitely going to have to do a page on my favourite designs at some point – these Dieu du Ciel beers all look great…

2017-07-01 - 210 - Dieu du Ciel Moralité image _500beersThis is a reasonably strong IPA at 6+% that I chose simply because I’m making a conscious effort to try more IPAs and lighter beers.  On pouring, the head was somewhat yellow, which I haven’t noticed in any other drinks yet (as far as I can recall).  The aroma was quite fruity and brought to mind the sort of tropical fruit juice you get at breakfast.  This was quite a promising start.

To taste, it has quite an immediate hit, hoppy of course, with some hints of fruit flavours and a little hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.  It was somewhat dry but was quite refreshing all the same.  All in all a very good IPA.

Yes, it was good.  Yes, it was worth the price.  Yes, it was accurate.  Yes, it had something different – the tropical aroma.  Yes, I’d drink it again.  Yes, I’d recommend it and Yes, I’d go out of my way for it.

A very good (for an IPA) 7/11.