Nos. 191 – 193 – Mill St. Brewery’s Autumn Selection

Nos. 191 – 193 – Mill St. Brewery’s Autumn Selection

I stumbled across this selection pack at my local dépanneur on Thursday in need of something refreshing to take my mind of the irritating heat of Summer…

191 – Oktoberfest Style Lager

Decent lager, but nothing special.  It’s good, worth the price, accurate and I’d drink it again.  I’d recommend it, which brings it up to the standard 5/11 mark.  It’s noteworthy that so far, few lagers have stood out and got the extra few marks to make them special beers.

192 – Nightmare Pumpkin Ale

This is the highlight from this pack.  There is a hint of pumpkin in the taste, but it is not very strong.  I like subtle flavours that aren’t overpowering.  I also got a hint of sweetness that made me think of cinnamon in the aftertaste which was quite pleasant.  It’s good, worth the price, accurate, a little different, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it.  I will reconsider it when I try over pumpkin beers.  6/11

193 – Tankenstein IPA

Hoppy aroma that doesn’t come through to heavily in the taste.  This to me is a good thing.  I didn’t take too many notes on this one, just simply wrote ‘quite a good beer, possibly 5.5.’  It’s good, worth the price, I’d drink it again and recommend it and it is accurate.  I’m giving it the extra 0.5 as it is slightly better than a lot of the 5/11s I’ve had so far (they’re my rules!).  5.5/11

2017-06-15 - 191 - 193 Mill St. Brewery Autumn Selection Desc._500beers

A decent selection indeed, falling short of the previous Mill St. Brewery beers I’ve tasted so far but still decent for the price.

Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

Nos. 189 and 190 from Les Brasseurs RJ

I’ve previously tried six beers from Les Brasseurs RJ, with the highest rated so far being their Titanic at 8/11 and the lowest being their Cheval Blanc Double Blanc at 3/11 – they’ve an average score of 6/11 in any case which is pretty consistent…

No. 189 – Barbar

I got quite tipsy from this beer, which was nice.  It’s a strong honey beer, with a really nice rainbow like colour (in the sunlight at least).  It’s not too hoppy at all, has a little hint of fruit and is quite a full bodied beer.  You know you’re drinking a strong beer when you drink it.  There is a nicely balanced bitterness to it as well in the after taste that I really liked.  It get’s 6/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, recommendable, drink-again-able, and I would go out of my way for it.

No. 190 – Robe Noire

Titanic from Les Brasseurs RJ was a very good stout so I had high expectations for this.  It does not disappoint.  The head is like a mousse, it fizzes away but retains a bubbly head long into the pint.  The aroma reminds me of shots of Bailey’s and chocolate liqueur that I’ve had in the past.  The emphasis on chocolate in the description is completely spot on – this is a chocolate stout par excellence.  The creamy chocolate taste stays in the mouth and builds with each gulp.  I really like this beer.  It’s getting a 9/11 – it has everything that the Barbar has, however it has that little je ne sais quoi and I would go out in a snowstorm or fight a bear for it.

So that’s another couple of good marks for Les Brasseurs RJ and another very good mark for a stout.  I’ve recently started to like more hoppy lighter beers more (probably due to the heat) but clearly at this point stout is king.

No. 184 – Le Bilboquet’s La Charleston

No. 184 – Le Bilboquet’s La Charleston

I’ve said it before, put women on a bottle and I’ll probably buy it. 

I was happy to find a load of new beers from breweries I haven’t heard of before at my local Métro today and this is the first I’ve tasted.

A light IPA seemed perfect for the annoyingly warm weather – I’m finally coming round to liking IPAs at this point apparently.

This was a refreshing drink indeed.  That little hint of fruit that is common in a lot of similar IPAs or white beers balanced nicely with a little hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.  Very nice indeed and not overly hoppy to boot.

It is good, worth the price, matches the description, I’d drink it again and recommend it and I would go a block or two out of my way to purchase a bottle.  It’s a limited quantity beer (whatever that means) so I may get one or two to keep.


No. 183 – Sapporo Premium Beer

No. 183 – Sapporo Premium Beer

The disappointment of finding a beer you haven’t tasted in one of your favourite bars and then finding out that they no longer do it and just haven’t updated their menus…

Fortunately, I found a few tins of it in a dépanneur not to far from my place.

I tasted this beer many years ago and thought that it was ok, but nothing special.  This time however it was actually quite nice, for a lager.  It’s a nice colour with an aroma that’s a little hoppy as one would expect.  Taste-wise it is a smooth lager, which I think I prefer to other lagers I’ve drank regularly in the past such as Harp and Carlsberg – a long time in the past, before I discovered red ales and stouts.

It’s good, it’s worth the price, it is exactly what it says on the tin, I’d drink it again and I’d recommend it.  I’m going to be generous and give it an extra Yes as I can say all these things about many lagers, but I like this one a little more.


So far, so far behind…

So far, so far behind

Jusqu’ici, tout va bien ou peut-être pas.

2017-05-28 - Alcohol _500beers
When I decided at some point in January or February to do 500 different beers rather than the standard 365 I planned it out methodically.  What I didn’t think about is the amount of time and effort writing about them would require.

I have tried 175 different beers, three of which were ciders and I have since decided to not count ciders, which means I’m on 172.  So as to not screw up my numbering system the next two beers will be counted as numbers 48, 60 and 77.  This means that…

To keep to my quarterly target I need to drink 78 different types of beer by the end of June.

To get my writing up to date I need to write about 120 beers.

To complete those posts I need to tidy up and sort about 400 pictures of beer and beer memorabilia.

Je veux bien aussi traduire le tout en français – juste pour l’fun.

June is going to be a big month – but first time for a beer.  Cheers!

No. 147 – Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent

No. 147 – Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent

Only one or two Le Trefle Noir beers to go…

2017-05-16 - 147 - Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent poured. _500beers

This is a dark ale in the Belgian style, which to me just means that it is strong.  And it does have a bit of a kick to it.  The picture above doesn’t really do it justice, due to fact I was too lazy to adjust the lighting but it does look good in the glass – brown but golden.  The aroma as the description suggests does warm the nose, it smells really sweet, the caramel coming through instantly.  This probably highlights the importance of serving beer at the correct temperature.

It tastes surprisingly, or worryingly, light and easy to drink for a strong beer and I noticed the effect pretty quickly.  The caramel sweetness of the aroma comes through strongly in the taste and leaves a warmth in the mouth and throat that lingers for a long time, as the description promises.  This is another very good beer.

2017-05-16 - 147 - Le Trefle Noir Hurlevent desc. _500beers

Yes, it is good.
Yes, it is worth the price.
Yes, it does what it says.
Yes, it has that certain je ne sais quoi.
Yes, I would drink it again.
Yes, I would recommend it.
Yes, I would go out of my way for it.
Yes, I would go out in a snowstorm for it.


Another very good mark for my current favourite beer makers.

No. 146 – Le BockAle’s L’Idyllique

No. 146 – Le BockAle’s L’Idyllique

I picked this on a visit to a store in Verdun, on a friend’s recommendation.  That store is Maltéhops and I will likely visit it again.  I was in the mood for something refreshing as it is unfortunately becoming quite warm in Montreal and I’m more of a Winter person so I chose a white beer…

2017-05-14 - 146 - Le BockAle L'Idyllique poured _500beers

I’ve previously tasted and given decent marks to Le BockAle’s L’Europhique, Fana and Candide so with this I was expecting to be giving at least five yeses and probably more.  It looks good, nice colour and it keeps it’s head longer than some other white beers I’ve had.  The aroma isn’t particularly noteworthy, which I am noting nonetheless.

It has hints of orange as you would expect but this is quite subtle and maybe would have been helped with a slice of orange.  I did find it quite refreshing though and as a remedy to a warm day, it worked well.  The description ‘vague blanche’ does match the feeling of the drink.  There’s just nothing too distinctive about it.  Other white beers that I have tried up to this point and have given good marks to have had more flavour and have been refreshing as well.  So, it gets marks for being decent but nothing special.

2017-05-14 - 146 - Le BockAle L'Idyllique label _500beers

Yes, it is fine or at least it is not bad.  Yes, it was worth about $5. Yes, it is it promises what it says.  Yes, I would probably drink it again and Yes, I’d recommend giving it a go – particularly on a very warm day.  5/11

So a third 5/11 for Le BockAle to go with a strong 7/11  – this would seem to reflect my preference for darker beers, thought perhaps that will change to a preference for whites and lagers as we move towards the Summer.  On verra.