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The Two Pint Theory, Nos. 35 – 39

The Two Pint Theory, Nos. 35 – 39

I think most people who take the odd beer here and there are aware of this but numbers 35 to 39 weren’t great so I thought I’d write up my notes on what I refer to as the Two Pint Theory…

I like bowling.
The problem is that I’m not very good at it.
That is until I’ve had about a pint and a half – then suddenly, things start to improve
No more gutter-balls, the odd strike, and a little more luck on spares.

It is the magic of being two pint drunk that causes this.  The confidence of being socially awake and relaxed but not drunk.  I’ve found that this applies in many other circumstances too.  I play the drums and am more likely to improvise something challenging at this tipsy stage, what’s more important is that I’m more likely to get it right because physically I’m loosened up and mentally I’m awake.

The trouble is though that it is a narrow window, which seems to last for about thirty minutes to an hour and then it’s gone.  Proper drunkenness begins to set in from pint three onwards and that’s that.  Unfortunately, stopping drinking doesn’t prolong it.  If it did two pints for breakfast would be recommended each morning.

It’s not just me, is it?

No. 35 – 37 – Molson Canadian, Molson Ex and Coors Light


These are all standard light beers that I tried approximately four weeks into the challenge as they were the only choices I hadn’t had by that point.  Scoring wise they’re all 2/11 – for not being bad, being accurate and I would maybe recommend them to someone who likes light beer.  They’re just not my cup of tea.

No. 38 – Granville Island Co. English Bay Pale Ale
2017-01-28 - 38 - Granville Island Brewery English Bay Pale Ale _500beers

The beer drinking highlight of the evening (the real highlight of course being a glorious victory at bowling).  The competition wasn’t particularly strong though (and the comparisons with the bowling continue!).  Anyway, this was a good pale ale, the picture doesn’t really make it look great, but I liked the appearance and it tasted fine.  It gets 5/11 for being good, worth the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability and recommend-ability.


No. 39 – Farnham Brown Ale
2017-04-02 - 39 - Farnham Brown Ale poured _500beers

Possibly due to being from a tin, this was a little flat and the flavour was somewhat bland.  It looks like a brown ale and there are mild hints of a good brown ale hidden here but it’s very mild.  Maybe better on draft?  I’m not going to bother finding out – I’ve had too many brown ales that are a lot better.  It gets 3/11.




Drink responsibly, it’s better…

This is a thing I noticed at the Montreal Beer Festival recently, which seems to fall in line with several things that I have noticed this year so far, since starting the drinking challenge.  Here are a few hastily written notes…

  1. Sens du goût plus développé/A better developed palette
    By tasting and trying to rate each beer rather than sinking them asafp, I’ve learned quite a bit about what different types of beer should taste like.  I’ve also figured out that my own particular preference lies in darker beers, which I think may be linked to getting older but I’ve no proof of that other than my own drinking history.
  2. Plus de plaisir à déguster/A more pleasurable tasting experience
    Pretty much as above, drinking for the taste rather than the effect has made me appreciate not just the beer but the social aspect a lot more.  At the risk of sounding philosophical, the emphasis is on discovery rather than getting drunk and hoping for the best.
  3. Pas de gueule de bois/No hangovers
    This is the best thing I’ve noticed – a better tolerance to the effects of beer by drinking one or two (or three or four) regularly rather than getting smashed at the weekend on seven or eight beers.
  4. Sommeil plus réparateur/More restful sleep
    Sleeping after drinking was never easy.  A few hours here and there, getting up for a drink of water or chocolate milk for some reason and odd dreams which may have been real or not.  After a lot of beer before it would take me 24 hours to recover properly, the night after being a proper recovery sleep.  This is no longer necessary, as I don’t get that drunk anymore sleeping to recover is easier.
  5. Plus d’énergie, meilleure forme, meilleur contrôle du poids/More energy, better form, better weight control
    I noticed in March that with consistent but not excessive alcohol intake comes great responsibility.  It’s very easy to put on weight and it has become a priority to eat somewhat more healthily and do more exercise.  With consistent but not excessive beers, it’s easier to find a balance between the things that are good for you and the things that are bad.
  6. Changer de conducteur désigné/A change of designated driver
    I don’t really care about this as the public transport in Montreal is pretty good!  I would simply add that I have had to walk home at 3 or 4am a lot less this year so far (only once I think, but that wasn’t beer’s fault – damn shots).


So far, so far behind…

So far, so far behind

Jusqu’ici, tout va bien ou peut-être pas.

2017-05-28 - Alcohol _500beers
When I decided at some point in January or February to do 500 different beers rather than the standard 365 I planned it out methodically.  What I didn’t think about is the amount of time and effort writing about them would require.

I have tried 175 different beers, three of which were ciders and I have since decided to not count ciders, which means I’m on 172.  So as to not screw up my numbering system the next two beers will be counted as numbers 48, 60 and 77.  This means that…

To keep to my quarterly target I need to drink 78 different types of beer by the end of June.

To get my writing up to date I need to write about 120 beers.

To complete those posts I need to tidy up and sort about 400 pictures of beer and beer memorabilia.

Je veux bien aussi traduire le tout en français – juste pour l’fun.

June is going to be a big month – but first time for a beer.  Cheers!