Two from Saint Bock

Two from Saint Bock

It has been one year exactly (at time of writing) that I wrote my first post about beer and so far I have only managed to write up about half of the beers I tried last year.  I’ve taken a long break from beer since the start of the year but am now ready to write about it again.

While I’m catching up with old beers from last year I will still be trying the odd new beer here and there.

In the meantime, here are two from Saint Bock…

No. 304 – Malédiction

I bought this one fine Saturday afternoon while checking out another Métro store (near Jean Talon metro).  They’re selection wasn’t as good as the selection at my local one (Bélanger and Fabre) and no where near as good as the selection at the Métro just off Laurier park.  Anyway…

It’s a decent, sweet milk stout.  At first, the aroma made me think of a nice cappuccino, but I think at that point the year (August-ish) I was automatically getting cappuccino from every stout.  Then the vanilla came through and it reminded me more of a sweet hot chocolate.  This sweetness comes through in the flavour, a little too much.  It has a nice creamy milk stout texture and the taste builds nicely as it coats the mouth.  There’s vanilla, chocolate and coffee but it’s a little too sweet for my taste.  I’m giving it 6/11 as I would recommend it and I may go out of my way to give it another go at some point.

No. 438 – Bison Mécanique

I chose this as I had been at a bar with a mechanical bull the previous week.  That is, I went to a bar that had a mechanical bull, my mechanical bull refused to come with me.

The first beer in Quebec brewed with bison grass?  Well the aroma was certainly a little floral, with hints of rye and ginger (this is probably me not being able to recognise bison grass) and a surprising amount of vanilla.  In fact, while I was letting the beer sit I noticed the room beginning to smell of vanilla – like vanilla candles were burning somewhere, lots of them.  This was certainly a unique beer.

It’s a fizzy little number with a bubbly head, but on drinking it has a surprising creaminess to it.  It keeps this characteristic throughout, which was a little odd in a good way.  It is light, a little spicy and floral and that little hint of rye in the aroma comes through more strongly in the taste.

Maybe it would be a good idea to go and taste some of these ingredients one day to be better able to differentiate them.  Or maybe that would be taking it too seriously.  Who knows?

In any case, this beer gets an impressive 8/11.  It’s good, well worth the price, accurate, a little different and I would drink it again and recommend it.  I’d also go out in a heat-wave for this – something tells me that it would be a good barbecue beer.

That’s two more down…


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