No. 408 – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

No. 408 – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

The vast majority of the beers I have tried to date have been from Quebec breweries with the exception of a few imports that you can get at most bars around town.  Seeking to add a little variety to my beer list, I decided to check out an SAQ to see what other international beers were easily available close to my workplace.  Their selection seems pretty good online, a load of Belgian beers, some German, British, Irish, Italian and Greek but it seems to be a lottery when you actually go in to one of their stores.  On Friday, from the smallest beer selection I’ve seen so far, I picked out three beers, all reasonably priced from outside Québec.  Typically, I’m going to put a few notes about the third of them up first…

I wasn’t too sure what this would be like, most of the craft beers I tried when I was back home earlier in the year were fine without being anything special.  However, this is a mixture of my favourite things.  I like stout and have never had any food described as ‘double chocolate’ that has been disappointing.  Further to this, a google search reveals that it gets some very good reviews here and there.  I don’t normally check out other reviews but once in a while it is interesting to see if my tastes match those of other people.

It pours nicely and gives a frothy light brown head, though I had to work at it to get it looking good.  The aroma is that of a decent stout with a hint of chocolate.  However, there is nothing that stands out, nothing that I haven’t noticed or been impressed by in many other stouts and porters over the year.  So it starts off a little disappointing by comparison to other beers I’ve tried.

To taste, it feels like a slightly more watery Guinness texture wise, with a dark chocolate aftertaste that lingers in the mouth a while.  It has a nice immediate sweetness to it which is rather subtle, not what I was expecting to be honest.  I’d have liked a richer flavour rather than a little sweetness and an aftertaste that builds slowly as you get through the bottle.  This all makes it a little hard to rate.

Yes, it is good, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it.  It’s definitely worth the $4 or so that I paid for it, so that’s another Yes.  Is it accurate though?  Not really, it’s like a porter and didn’t feel ‘double chocolate’ to me as such I’m giving it half of a Yes, a Ye if you will and the same for being a little different as I’m in a generous mood.  I’m also going to give it a Yes for drink-again-ability and a Yes for recommend-ability.  5/11

This is a perfectly fine beer and I think my disappointment with it and the relatively average mark comes from the fact that I have tried many great stouts so far this year from places such as Dieu du Ciel.  I will however reconsider this one in January when I do the Beer-Off to determine the best beer available in Montreal.



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