Nos. 257 and 258 – The C-word(s)

Nos. 257 and 258 – The C-word(s)

I have had a lot of stout this year and there are only so many ways to describe how coffee-like or chocolatey a stout is, so here are two quick reviews that do not contain either c-word…

No. 257 – Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel

This poured very nicely, with a lovely dark head forming slowly as it would if poured in a bar.  The aroma was particularly strong, reminding me more of dark cocoa based treats, in particular Matchmakers (this may be an obscure British reference, but this beer smelled like the orange type of Matchmaker).  It didn’t make me think as much of my favourite alternative to tea as the description would have suggested, but there were hints there.

To taste, it was fine, possibly served a little too cold but still fine.  The taste hits immediately, and resembles the aroma.  In fact, it is almost a little overwhelming (if it’s possible to be ‘a little overwhelming’).  There is a little aftertaste but it doesn’t have the warmth of the majority of other stouts I’ve tried so far.

It still gets a solid 7/11 for being good, worth the price, pretty accurate, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability, for go-out-of-your-way-ness and for going out in a snowstorm.

No. 258 – Dieu du Ciel Grande Noirceur

This looks glorious when poured but is a bit of a let down afterwards.  It’s also possible that drinking a couple of strong beers in a row affected my tasting abilities however.

It pours similarly to the Péché Mortel but the aroma is a lot weaker and seems just like an average stout.  The taste is better.  It coats the mouth nicely with a warm and well balanced stout hinting at that stuff that Aero bars are made from.  There is also a nice little hint of caramel and a suggestion of a scotch ale there, but it’s very subtle.

This gets a 6/11 for being good, ok for the price, accurate, for drink-again-ability, for recommend-ability and for the fact that I may just go out of my way for it.

So, it’s impossible to write about a good stout without using a few c-words but at least I avoided the main two this time.  My next challenge is to review a beer or two using words I’ve never used in any review to date…



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