No. 146 – Le BockAle’s L’Idyllique

No. 146 – Le BockAle’s L’Idyllique

I picked this on a visit to a store in Verdun, on a friend’s recommendation.  That store is Maltéhops and I will likely visit it again.  I was in the mood for something refreshing as it is unfortunately becoming quite warm in Montreal and I’m more of a Winter person so I chose a white beer…

2017-05-14 - 146 - Le BockAle L'Idyllique poured _500beers

I’ve previously tasted and given decent marks to Le BockAle’s L’Europhique, Fana and Candide so with this I was expecting to be giving at least five yeses and probably more.  It looks good, nice colour and it keeps it’s head longer than some other white beers I’ve had.  The aroma isn’t particularly noteworthy, which I am noting nonetheless.

It has hints of orange as you would expect but this is quite subtle and maybe would have been helped with a slice of orange.  I did find it quite refreshing though and as a remedy to a warm day, it worked well.  The description ‘vague blanche’ does match the feeling of the drink.  There’s just nothing too distinctive about it.  Other white beers that I have tried up to this point and have given good marks to have had more flavour and have been refreshing as well.  So, it gets marks for being decent but nothing special.

2017-05-14 - 146 - Le BockAle L'Idyllique label _500beers

Yes, it is fine or at least it is not bad.  Yes, it was worth about $5. Yes, it is it promises what it says.  Yes, I would probably drink it again and Yes, I’d recommend giving it a go – particularly on a very warm day.  5/11

So a third 5/11 for Le BockAle to go with a strong 7/11  – this would seem to reflect my preference for darker beers, thought perhaps that will change to a preference for whites and lagers as we move towards the Summer.  On verra.


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