“The warmth of leather,” No. 126 Dernière Volonté

“The warmth of leather”

2017-04-24 - 126 - Dernière Volonté Dieu de Ciel _500beers

This weekend I went to Sherbrooke to celebrate a friend’s birthday and to see a bit more of the town.  My initial plan had involved spending a significant amount of time at Siboire at the bus station to try out some of what looks like quite a good beer selection, however I didn’t really have the time.  Fortunately, my friend had found a little shop with an impressive beer selection on her travels and brought me to it.  It was not a big place but had a vast selection of beers – the phrase ‘kid in a candy store’ comes to mind.  I picked a few beers for myself (posts will follow at some point) and decided to go with a suggestion from my friend as well.  She liked the picture on the bottle – that being how I pick my beers more often than not I decided to go with it without really looking at the description.

At the counter, the man serving me saw the bottle and immediately warned me about my choice.  “Drink it last!”  I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying because I’d made my choice and he was speaking French.  Besides, if the beer had a unique taste, it was worth trying.  My challenge is to seek out and try different beers after all.  And so I have now tasted a beer that tastes of leather…

No. 126 – Dernière Volonté from Dieu du Ciel

2017-04-24 - 126 - Dernières Volonté Dieu de Ciel image _500beers

It is indeed a nice picture on the bottle, sombre enough to match the name of the beer if my French skills are on point.  ‘Last wish.’

It pours nicely with a thick fizzy head and has a nice orange hue and then there is the smell.

It smells like the inside of a leather upholstered car on a warm day.  It smells like a new luxury sofa.  It smells quite simply like leather.  Something I have never noticed before in beer.  Apparently this is down to brettanomyces, this is a type of yeast apparently that is sometimes used to create stranger flavours.

2017-04-24 - 126 - Dernières Volonté Dieu de Ciel desc. _500beers

This beer poses a few problems for my rating system.  It’s a definite Yes for being different and Yes, I would recommend it for the hell of it.  A Yes for the description.  The french description is better – who wouldn’t want the warmth of leather in their drink?  Though I think the warmth partly comes from the alcohol content.  The price was reasonable for a strong beer so that’s a fourth Yes.  But was it good?  For a strong beer, it’s quite easy to drink and the smell and taste of leather really is not that bad.  Once you get used to it, it is actually a decent beer.  I’m giving it a Yes for being good as it’s difficult to give it a yes for price, uniqueness, accuracy of description and being recommendable without giving it that basic yes for being good or at least not being bad.  And so, the strangest taste I’ve had so far gets the average 5/11.

Looks like I’ll have to go back to Sherbrooke a few more times in order to advance my challenge.

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