No. 87 – So many choices

So many choices…

Choose racing from work at record pace for a beer, choose standing in line for a bar filled to the brim, choose wandering what seems like countless bars for a bit of room to stand, choose lager, choose stout, choose a shot, choose slurring your way through the same conversations you’ve had a thousand times, choose becoming a philosopher, choose drunken therapy, choose visiting the bathroom every fifteen minutes for two hours, choose taking blurry photos of that funny thing on the wall, choose one for the road, choose another one for the road, choose pizza, choose popcorn, choose re-watching Trainspotting, choose talking the whole way through it about how good it is. Choose life!

I had planned not trying any new beers on St Patrick’s Day as I quite frankly could not be bothered.  However, spending quite a bit of time in Brutopia and not tasting something new would have been a wasted opportunity,  queue some badly pieced together thoughts on a beer I just about remember tasting and an addition to my list of hand models…

No. 87 – Blanche aux framboises


A few pints of Guinness is not a good idea prior to tasting a new beer as it turns out.

This was sweet, as the name suggests.  If you can’t translate it, tough.  It was also quite light and I think I got through it pretty quickly which is usually a good sign.  Cutting to the point, it’s getting six yeses – for being good, for the price, for being a little different, for the description, for the fact that I would drink it again and also that I would recommend it to a friend.


That’s all folks!


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